Ajne’s Fleur Blanche

Some might consider this hyperbole, but I’m going to say it. Finding a gardenia fragrance to call your own can be a transformative experience. Gardenias can symbolize long stretches of lush beaches, tropical winds, and days of relaxation. A gardenia tucked in your hair, or a dab of this heady scent wafting behind your ear has the ability to elevate you to a tranquil state of mind.

My perfume journey, or more accurately obsession, truly took flight after a trip to Hawaii in the summer of 2003. It was as most vacations to Hawaii are; relaxing, beautiful and filled with the glorious scent of tropical flowers. Plumeria are my absolute favorite, but gardenia and pikake run a close second. The scent of any of them immediately transfix and intoxicate me. Upon my return, I began my quest for a tropical floral perfume to love and cherish. Since then, I have tried a multitude of gardenia fragrances most of which either turn metallic, possess migraine-inducing headiness, or honestly smell nothing like gardenia. Kai has sufficed for a while. Its top note of gardenia is true and clear, but ultimately has too many aspects of China Rain which are difficult to overlook. Don’t get me wrong, many people adore China Rain. But fortunately for me, in floated Ajne’s Fleur Blanche, a gardenia that blooms brighter than the rest.

Ajne is a perfumery in Carmel, Ca. devoted to using organic, plant derived ingredients. What initially set Ajne apart for me was their questionnaire, (Kristi did this very graciously over the phone), to evaluate their customers’ chakras. For example, my crown chakra, or spiritual connection, needs a little work. Apparently gardenia is one of the flowers that will help me achieve my bliss. You might not believe in all this chakra business, but I can tell you, Fleur Blanche is downright blissful. Upon first spritz it’s a glorious gardenia blooming before your eyes with a slightly woody backdrop and just a hint of smoke. The smokiness fades and the woods become a bit more prominent. Fleur Blanche does not evolve greatly, yet this is not a negative when you are dealing with such a gorgeous scent from the outset.

Ajne lists the notes very generally as florals, woods and fruits. But Kristi mentioned ambrette seed in our follow-up conversation, so I wonder if that gives Fleur Blanche a bit of its smokiness. Ambrette seeds are from the hibiscus plant in India, and are a botanical source of musk rather than from an animal source such as deer. This very subtle smoky, musky, woodsy air gives Fleur Blanche a well rounded quality. There is no metallic edge, no plastic residue smell. And I was never wondering….is this really gardenia? (Even though the Ajne website tells us this is a replication of gardenia as the flower cannot be distilled). The buttery petals linger on the skin for the entire day and its sillage, its “trail of scent”, is moderately strong. Quite impressive given this is a natural fragrance. Ajne also transforms this perfume, and all of its perfumes, into a body oil and lotion. I have not tried the body lotion, but the oil is lovely and holds the scent well. A less expensive way to try Fleur Blanche and find your bliss!

Exclusively for Scent Hive readers! Enter SCENTHIVE in the online certificate space at www.ajne.com and receive 25% off your order of $75 or more. Promotion valid until February 23, 2009.

Ajne is synthetic free, paraben free, phthalate free, petro-free, harsh-sulfate free, entirely vegan and never tested on animals.

Ajne is available at www.ajne.com and Bergdorf Goodman (212) 753-7300

Decants of Fleur Blanche are available at The Perfumed Court.

posted by ~Trish

Photo by poly_mnia on flickr


17 thoughts on “Ajne’s Fleur Blanche

  1. Beautiful site! I love Ajne. They are very expensive but I know they grow a lot of their own materials and hand process everything.

  2. Hey Trish! What a wonderful review of this perfume! I’ve never heard of it but I’d love to sniff it now. We lived in Hawaii for a year when I was 6/7, but I will NEVER forget the smell of the plumerias! I am really getting into white florals now such as lily, tuberose, gardenia, etc.
    Congrats on the BLOG! and it was great seeing you in Dec!

  3. Hi S!
    Plumerias are heaven aren’t they? And they all smell different depending on what color they are. We were just on Maui actually and I got a tuberose lei…they are really something. So powerful. It was great seeing you too. Keep me posted on your travels 🙂

  4. Hi Trish,

    Wonderful review! I am not a big fan of gardenia, but you have me interested in this one after reading your review. I just may have to take advantage of that awesome 25% discount being offered.

    Looking forward to more of your reviews in the near future.

    Congrats on your blog.


  5. HI Trish, lovely and elegant site design and great review of this perfume – now I have to try it, I adore Gardenia, as well as all other tropical floral scents. Plumeria, pikake and gardenia – are we scent twins? 🙂

  6. Hi Flora,
    We just might be! Plumeria is nirvana as far as I’m concerned. I could sniff those blossoms all day long and be perfectly happy. I’m going to be reviewing Maile’s Kauai Tropical Lei in the next few weeks which has a lot of plumeria in it….so stay posted!

    Floral/woody fragrances are my favorite so Fleur Blanche is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. I think you will adore it as much as I do since you are a tropical lover!

  7. Your description of the Ajne perfume was spot on. I love their products and it’s very easy to get hooked on their perfumes! I like the fact that they are organic and handmade. The handmade part reminds me of the old old old perfume houses, who mixed natural scents before the synthetics were introduced. So its like a step back in time to smell Ajne’s perfumes. Girls–if you havent tried any of their scents yet, find someone who sells decants of them, you might just end up hooked like me 🙂

  8. Grace,
    I’m glad you liked the review of Fleur Blanche. I love that fragrance the more I wear it. Have you tried deLavande? It’s made from the organic lavender they grow. I need to visit their shop in Carmel one of these days!


  9. love the tears for fears reference.

    tres classy.

    website looks, as my 4th graders say, “hecka cool.”

    way to go!!!


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