Strange Invisible Perfumes: Magazine Street

Magazine Street, the fragrance, opens with what some have called the medicinal note common to Strange Invisible Perfumes. This is the first Srange Invisible Perfumes fragrance that I have found to have a medicinal quality, but it is ever so fleeting and it is not disagreeable. Rather, it is an introduction to the interplay between the earthiness of the vetiver/patchouli duo and the sweetness of the vanilla/magnolia duo. And while the patchouli offers an herbal mossiness, within this dance, it is the vetiver and vanilla that dominate the floor. The patchouli rests quietly at the base and the magnolia flutters gently like a butterfly. Ultimately, both flit away leaving Magazine Street all about the balsamy green vanilla one might be thrilled to wear instead of the glut of foody, cloyingly vanillic perfumes on the market today.


Having never been to New Orleans, I cannot muse about the city personally or comment on if the namesake perfume does it any specific justice. But I will say this fragrance could easily be worn on a sultry evening; hold its own in a smoky jazz club and last through several rounds of sazeracs, followed by beignets in the morning. It’s an exceptionally stunning perfume, and I whole heartedly recommend Magazine Street to anyone, not just those who seek natural perfumes. This earthy green vanillic scent will delight you if you wear it, and anyone else who nuzzles in close enough to enjoy it on your skin.


Strange Invisible Perfumes creates their fragrances in two strengths, Parfum and Eaux de Parfum (EdP). This review is for the EdP which is less expensive than the very costly Parfum. (Personally I have found the EdPs to last longer than the Parfums anyway). Strange Invisible Perfumes was founded by Alexandra Balahoutis whose shop is in Venice, Ca. Her ingredients are all natural, organic and never synthetic. Please see her website for her comprehensive green mission statement. 


Strange Invisible Perfumes are available at Strange Invisible Perfumes and Beautyhabit. Decants of Magazine Street are available from The Perfumed Court.

Posted by ~Trish


8 thoughts on “Strange Invisible Perfumes: Magazine Street

  1. Hi, Trish…

    Black Rosette was my first SIP experience, and I definitely got the medicinal kerosene right off the top. However, I was fascinated by the ride, and in fact, it was SIP Black Rosette that pulled me down the rabbit hole of perfume.

    I am fascinated by the work of this house…though of course wish that the price point were more accessible. (Yes, natural ingredients and all, but I am able to get wonderful creations from Liz Zorn and Sonoma Scent Studio for less.)

    “Earthy green vanillic” certainly captures my fancy; thanks for the review!

  2. Hi ScentScelf!
    I haven’t had the pleasure of sniffing Black Rosette yet. Love your “rabbit hole” analogy, so appropriate! And yes, SIPs are very expensive, luckily though the EDPs are not quite as hefty a price tag as the parfums and competitive with Liz Zorn’s natural line (I still need to sniff those!).

    Anyway, if you get the chance, give Magazine St a try. I just love it and it lasts all day.

  3. I almost got to Barneys yesterday but ran out of time, it was a destination trip to try the new Strange Invisible Perfumes. I will try to get over there this week. Yes, the price is astronomical, as are the Mandy Aftel perfumes. I think for both their materials are the highest quality, and I understand that they use absolutely no chemical additives, and the stuff is strong enough to knock your socks off, so you only need a drop for an application. It is so much more difficult to make a fine perfume without using any chemicals whatsoever. So I am guessing that must be the reason for the price. I wonder if SIP has a sample program, I must check. I know Aftelier does, and you can get a few drops of for about $20 and have the experience for a few days…

  4. L,
    Be sure to check out the SIP EDPs. They are a bit more reasonable and last very, very well. So I guess Barney’s is on the list!

    I just finished reading Mandy Aftel’s book “Essence and Alchemy.” It was wonderful. I will have to get her sample pack. I only have a sample of her fig perfume and I need to try more, especially after reading her lovely book.

    If you do get a chance to sniff Magazine St, let me know what you think.

  5. I’m a huge fan of SIP and Magazine Street was the very first one in my collection. I know many people really struggle with the medicinal opening that SIP has come to be known for, but I think that’s what draws me to them. I’m really partial to the parfums… Narcotic is my all-time favourite. I have, however, recently tried the new Epic Gardenia EDP and am in love! This will probably be one of my next purchases.

    Great job on the blog so far, BTW. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  6. C,
    I’m with you on that medicinal note. It works its magic in Magazine St. I have just received a sample of Narcotic parfum and a decant of Epic gardenia (thanks Michelle!!) so I will be trying them soon. Reviews to come 🙂


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