In Fiore: Maia Body Oil (Renamed *Jasmin Supérieur)


This may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, especially for you jasmine lovers, but Maia Body Oil is heavenly…and it is *discontinued. But keep reading because there is good news at the end. Maia is made by In Fiore, a San Francisco based company founded by Julie Elliott that specializes in skin care and fragrance, using only natural and organic ingredients. Their line includes, among other things, face oils, solid perfumes, skin balms, and the now discontinued body oils. In Maia, Julie Elliott has captured all of jasmine’s desirable facets and balanced them harmoniously. Its tropical lushness is intact, but never crosses the line into a blowsy white floral. Maia plays with the indolic boundary of jasmine just enough to give it full-bodied depth while pushing it away from any hint of metallic tinniness. Yet, I would never call it “animalic” or musky. The bottle’s label states that red mandarin and lavender are also in the mix, but they are woven in quite subtly. The touch of citrus from the red mandarin guides the inherent citrus note from the jasmine, allowing it to gently unfurl. And the lavender might possibly help ground the jasmine, but its herbaceousness is not strongly noted.

Interestingly, a lovely touch of tobacco is also present which quite frankly is intoxicating. So much so that Maia has led me to become a little obsessed with finding the perfect tobacco fragrance.  (Well that, and watching too much Mad Men). The oil itself is very hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly. The scent lasts for several hours, and I love putting it on just before bed. OK, now for the good news. I emailed Ms. Elliott in desperation once I figured out Maia Body Oil was no where to be found on the internet after I’d purchased it from She said that indeed the oils have been discontinued but that she would most likely be making up a batch of Maia Body Balms in March. If any of you are jasmine lovers, I highly recommend getting your hands on a jar. Either that or track eBay like a fiend for the Body Oil, but then you might have to fight me for it.

I will be visiting the store in March to grab myself a jar, and attend a conference for work (oh yeah, that!) and will report back on what I am certain are all of the other gorgeous fragrance offerings at In Fiore. I happened upon this interview, and after reading it, I cannot wait to get a sniff of Rose Noir. Here is the description: saffron absolute, damascena rose petals over a deep rich tenacious base of oud from Assam, galbanum resin, and a hint of rosewood. Just reading about it makes me swoon.

In Fiore is available in a 2oz bottle for $58 at and

*Update:  Maia is now Jasmin Supérieur. Same formula, different name.

Posted by ~Trish

Photo by Simian Cephalopod on flickr


5 thoughts on “In Fiore: Maia Body Oil (Renamed *Jasmin Supérieur)

  1. Oh, FINE! Create a lemming and then snatch it away! 😀

    Speaking of tobacco, I adore the scent of night-blooming tobacco flowers – the one called Jasmine Tobacco, Nicotiana alata grandiflora, does have a jasmine sweetness underscored with a smoky, dangerous tobacco alkaloid element. I cannot get enough! The only perfume I know of that used that flower was Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir, which is overpoweringly sweet but with that little hint of danger to it. Someone should do a scent that uses the Nicotiana flower as the centerpiece, that would be spectacular.

    (And oh yes, that Rose Noir sounds like it was made just for me – fabulous!)

  2. F,
    I know, I know….I debated and debated! But when Julie from In Fiore said she was doing a batch of the body balms in Maia, I felt like I had to spread the word about this gorgeous jasmine scent. Doesn’t Rose Noir sound amazing? I can’t wait to visit that store.

    I found lots of pics of the Jasmine Tobacco when I was looking for a picture for this post. They are so lovely and made me want to sniff one! I don’t think I ever have. I didn’t realize that’s what’s in Boudoir. I’ll have to revisit that fragrance.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Flora,
    I just received an email from Julie Elliott and she said they are making Maia a part of the permanent collection! I will post an official update when I get the full details 🙂


    1. Good to hear that it will be a permanent, more time for me to get my hand. I am defiantly a jasmine lover! Trish, you need to try Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion from Spirit Beauty Lounge! it is not at all indolic! a lot like Daybreak Lavender farms jasmine, but better. I have reviewed the body lotion on MUA. Thanks for the wonderful review!

      1. A,
        You are right! I do need to try that Jurlique Jasmine Lotion. A really good friend of mine was telling me about it the other day, but she had not tried it yet. I am pleased to hear that you like it!

        I’ll have to see if my local Pharmaca carries it so I can test it.


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