Rose, the scent that snuck up on me. Part I


I have never considered myself a rose type of gal. Certainly I enjoy strolling through our rose gardens here in town, and in our front yard we have the most gorgeous rose bush and its fragrance is one of my anticipated summertime pleasures. But while I have a nature lovin’ appreciation for this classic flower, I have never sought it out in my fragrances, or so I thought. Over the past several weeks, I have noticed that in my collection of perfumes and body products, there’s a lot of rose I was not appreciating.

t_16666Daybreak Lavender Farm: By U, 4 U- Aromatherapeutic Rose & Rosehip Facial Cleanser

I have to thank Dain over at ARS Aromatica for her post on Daybreak’s skincare, or I might never have found this fabulous cleansing oil. Jody Byrne, the owner of Daybreak Lavender Farm, created By U, 4 U Facial Oil because so many of her customers were clamoring for a cleansing oil and she listened. From what I understand, she took input from the customers via the forum board on Daybreak’s website to help formulate the cleanser. And the end result is my new favorite cleanser. I have been looking for an all natural cleansing oil since I feel in love with Shu Uemura’s, but unfortunately found that its main ingredient is petroleum derived mineral oil. Luckily, I enjoy Daybreak’s even more and am happy to support an independent business woman who runs an organic farm!

The oil itself is infused with chamomile, comfrey and calendula. The vibrant and vital rose scent comes from rose otto and rosehip seed oil, also known as rosa mosqueta. The rosa mosqueta endows the facial oil with its wild, almost thorny fragrance, as if you’d been out in the garden all day with the essence of the entire rose plant surrounding you. According to Jody, rosa mosqueta contains fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin and natural tretinoin that aids in cell regeneration. After only using the oil for a short while I’m not ready to comment on life changing results, but it’s an effective cleanser, leaves my skin soft and smells absolutely wonderful.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Rosail_430xN.62639121

I have only a sample of Rosa, and would never have thought I’d be pining for a full bottle of something based around rose. But I reach for my little vial frequently enough that it’s just about gone, and it would be fabulous to have an Illuminated Perfume French flacon arrive in one of its hand crocheted pouches filled with this woody rose natural perfume called RosaRosa’s rose is comprised of an otto (essential oil) from Turkey and an absolute of rose bourbonica from India. But before you sense the full blossoming of those gorgeous flowers; woods, agarwood (oud), vetiver and subtle leather introduce the fragrance. The woods/agarwood begin slightly sharp but rich, and then mellow into vetiver’s deep earthy vibration. When the rose finally blooms at the drydown, Rosa’s bouquet is full but close to the skin. It’s complex and provides a beautiful evolution on your skin.

Bonny Doon Farm: Rose Creme Parfum

17119-300This creme parfum was quite a surprise to me. I had never heard of the company, but gave it a try when a little sample pot arrived in a Beautyhabit order. I was blown away. To begin with, the creme is like a balm that spreads over the skin readily, absorbs quickly, and provides hydration. (I’ve been applying it to the top of my hand). And the scent is pure rose heaven. It smells as if freshly picked rose petals have been infused into your skin, so tender and yet so vibrant. Aromatherapists believe rose can calm, relax and even open one’s heart to love. This little pot of creme has made me a believer! It also feels good to support Bonny Doon, a farm in Santa Cruz, Ca. owned and operated by Gary and Diane Meehan. A true mom and pop business.

Frosting_KashmirVelvet & Sweet Pea: Organic Kashmir Rose Neck & Decollete Whipped Frosting

Laurie Stern of Velvet & Sweet Pea has really outdone herself with this body butter. She calls them frostings, and they are decadent enough to deserve the name. Each one is hand-made by Laurie with organic shea butter, organic virgin oil de coco creme, vitamin E and organic jojoba oil that has been infused with vanilla bean. The lovely rose scent comes from Himalayan rose otto and Moroccan rose absolute. Smoothing the luxurious frosting on my hands is a ritual reserved for those times when I feel like I really need some pampering. The rose is subtle and mixes well with the not too sweet, perfectly spicy hint of vanilla. I love this rose treat and will be sure to always have a little jar at the ready. I say little, because the jars are only one ounce, but a tiny dab is all you need to moisturize both hands and to delight in Kashmir Rose’s redolence.

Please come back to Scent Hive later this week for more of my Rose Discoveries.


Orange Crush photograph by beatriceclay on etsy


11 thoughts on “Rose, the scent that snuck up on me. Part I

  1. Hi, Trish. On May 9th I purchased the Velvet & Sweet Pea whipped frosting in Tuberose and Gardenia and I’ve been using it on my face with amazing results. I moved to Mexico City in Oct 2006 and between the air quality and the highly chlorinated water, I started getting dry patches in my T-zone (of all places!). Laurie Stern’s whipped frosting has made an immediate and noticeable improvement – even my husband commented on my new *glow.* Best of all, I notice the difference – not only my dry patches are gone, but my crows feet are smoothing out and my elbows feel like the proverbial “baby’s rump.”

    I love the way the frosting melts as soon as I rub it between my fingers and disappears almost as soon as I smooth it onto my face. Laurie Stern is a magician in my opnion!

    1. Thanks for commenting A!

      Isn’t the tuberose and gardenia lovely? I enjoy that one too. I haven’t yet tried it as a face cream, and don’t think I need that extra hydration in the summer, but will give it a try in the winter. I am in love with Laurie’s frostings!!


  2. Ok – I can see I’ll be purchasing some of these fabulous things soon – I want the Bonny Doon Rose Cream Parfum and both the Organic Kashmir Roseneck Frosgint and Tuberose and Gardenia frosting now!

    Next paycheck, here we come! Thanks, Trish!

    1. Bonny Doon!! And you are so lucky you can just pop on over to Blunda and check out all the frostings. The orange blossom one looks amazing as well. Ugh, I could spend a small fortune there I’m sure 🙂


  3. That Bonny Doon Rose Creme Parfum sounds divine. I want some now 🙂 Back of the hands sounds perfect. My hands seem to be getting drier and drier and I wash them more and more often (becoming OCD?). Anyway, now I want rose petals melting into the skin on the back of my hands…ahhhh, I can smell it already.

    Totally off subject but I use organic rosewater as a facial toner. I store it in the refrigerator in the summer. I wish I could submerge in a pool of rosewater – no chlorine, nothing but rosewater…

    1. Abigail,
      The Bonny Doon is a must try IMO, so lovely. If you’re making a Beautyhabit order any time soon be sure to get one 🙂

      Mmmmm, a pool of rosewater, now wouldn’t that be heavenly?


  4. I responded to your comment on the blog (been busy lately, not keeping up with comments—sorry!), but I might as well do so here. I’m so glad to hear you’re impressed with Daybreak, too. My skin has never looked better since starting the regime; I hadn’t realized how much a difference high-quality ingredients, used in such excessive quantity, make in skincare. Did you try anything else?

    (As for your kind offer; I’d love to compare notes, but I’ve moved out of the country. So you’ll have to keep that you’d have to pay international shipping, and the fact that I don’t know how to use the post office here and may not be able to ship anything in return yet, in mind.)

    1. Dain,

      I’d forgotten that you’d moved…how are you?

      I also tried the Rhassoul duo, and really like that as well, but am finding I can only use it twice a week. I didn’t get any of the moisturizers but think I might when I need to reorder the facial oil.

      How about the next time I need to go the PO that involves paperwork, I’ll send you some. No need to worry about sending anything in return. Will you send along your address again so I have it?


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