And the winner is…

il_430xN.51406674Q Wendy! Congrats on winning the Demeter Vintage Naturals Geranium. You’ll have to let us know what you think. 


Thanks to everyone for commenting on both the Rose Series and the Geranium Giveaway, you were all included.


Posted by ~Trish

Geranium Blossoms by TriliumStudios on


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Mmmmmmmm I love getting perfume in the mail, thanks Trish! Well, the Geranium is true to its name, sharp and vibrant just like rubbing the leaves between your fingers, only stronger, it’s an essence after all ; ) Only in the drydown does the geranium intensity fade and the other notes combine with the geranium in a very pleasing way. Then poof! it’s gone, like many naturals.

    I dosed myself with it liberally tonight before going out and I was pleased to continue to get lovely whiffs of myself throughout the evening, until I realized that it was my BF, who had doused himself with SL Encens et Lavande, and it was the Lavander I was mistaking for moi! I didn’t perceive until that moment that it was the Lavender particularly intensifying the Geranium in the opening of my new scent, they are quite similar in a way, and I love them both.

    I know I’ll happily burn through the 15 ml, and this short lived Geranium makes me want to revisit all of the other Geraniums and Lavenders in my scent wardrobe — Rose D’Argent and A Taste of Heaven, here I come.

    Many thanks for a lovely surprise package Trish!
    XXX Qwendy

    1. Wendy,
      You are so welcome! Thanks for your thoughts. I bet you and your BF are one good smellin’ couple 🙂

      Enjoy your scents and have a terrific summer. Hope to see you around The Hive.


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