Enter to Win a Bottle of Maoli Perfumes Colonia Dulce

nd.5982Maoli Perfumes loves a giveaway as much as I do, and they have generously offered to share their Aloha sweetness with Scent Hive readers. One lucky reader will receive a 1oz bottle of Colonia Dulce, a 100% all natural and organic perfume.


To enter, check out my review for Colonia Dulce here or the Maoli Perfumes website, and then leave a comment below as to why you’d like to be the winner of this fun tropical, floral gourmand. At least that’s what I like to call it. Once the lush florals settle, the vanillic drydown reminds me of  yummy Jordan Almonds.


You have until Sunday June 14th at 10pm Pacific to enter by leaving a comment below. The winner will be announced June 15th. COMMENTS CLOSED, COME BACK TOMORROW FOR THE WINNER!


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Posted by ~Trish 


44 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Bottle of Maoli Perfumes Colonia Dulce

  1. I have never heard of this line, so I would love to be entered in the drawing. thanks!

  2. vanilla candy and tropical flowers? sounds like pure heaven! sign me in! mahalo!

  3. Sounds like a vacation in a bottle! And in today’s economy–a bottle of vacation will have suffice…thanks for doing this. Please add me to the drawing.

  4. The scents of Hawaii that come as the airplane hatch opens is part of what brings me back to the land of Aloha ever year..please enter me in the contest, Mahalo, Sharon

  5. I’d love to get this because I love perfume, I love tropical and sweet smells and it just sounds wonderful 🙂

  6. I’m looking for a new vanilla scent and this one sounds like a possibility, besides fragrances just need to be fun sometimes.

  7. I would love to win this fragrance because I am always on the prowl for anything natural/organic! I find I cannot wear mainstream/synthetic fragrances as they trigger migraines. Ugh! I would love to add this to my humble yet diverse collection of natural/organic fragrances. (((hugs)))

    1. Michelle,

      I too get migraines from many perfumes and this one has been a safe one thank goodness because it’s fun and very pretty!


  8. I LOVE citrus-like fragrances. They make me all giddy. And this one has a Spanish name… espero me encante! Gracias 🙂

  9. your review made me want this but I haven’t gotten round to ordering (there is so so much I want at the moment) so please enter me in the drawer. How exciting! good luck to everyone.

  10. I’d love to be entered so that I may try another delicious sounding summer scent!

  11. Please enter me in the drawing. I love Jordan Almonds! Living in the northwoods, I could really go for a tropical scent.

    Thank you!

  12. ahhh! the fab trish introduced me to this line. I think I want them all! many thanx!

  13. I am fairly new to perfuming, but have found that I love sweet gourmand type frags. I am also a homeschooling mom, so I can appreciate the “love” that goes into creating a learning experience for your children. I would love to try this fragrance as a “learning experience” for myself! 😉 Sounds like notes that I would certainly appreciate.

  14. Please count me in – I hope I’m not too late. I could use a bottle of Aloha sweetness!

    1. Nope! Not too late. There’s already a Jennifer entered, so if one of you wins I’ll clarify with the last initial when I announce the winner tomorrow morning.


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