Daybreak Lavender Farms: Full Body Treatment

Perfume collectors and scent hounds love to discuss the indolic nature of certain perfumes, especially those that contain jasmine. So what exactly does indolic mean? This is very interesting. Indoles are produced by bacteria that are found in human feces, and give it a fecal odor. Indoles are also found in flowers such as jasmine. For instance, pure jasmine oil has about 2.5% indole content, according to the scholarly Wikipedia. Orange blossoms, gardenias, and tuberose are also indolic flowers and depending on the concentration, can lend a voluptuous and sultry redolence to a perfume. But if you’re new to the term and you’re thinking: Perfume can smell like poop? The answer is: not literally. But kind of. Maybe you’ve never noticed it before in your deep jasmine fragrances, but it’s a little like hiking through fecund woods on a muggy summer day and smelling a skunk in the far off distance. Some people are repelled by that scent, while some are drawn to a little earthy skankiness.




Now you’ll know what I mean when I say Daybreak Lavender Farm’s Jasmine is not, let me repeat, not indolic. It is one of the cleanest jasmines I have ever smelled. I’m sure many of you are tired of the exaltation of indolic jasmines, and if you are, this review is for you. Daybreak’s Jasmine, also called Taj Majal, is not of the musky variety either, which makes it quite unique because “clean” typically means “musky”. Their jasmine blend is richly floral, soapy (even when it’s not soap) and elegant. After applying the Taj Majal Body Balm, the word that comes to mind is pure. Pure, because my skin smells of soft jasmine petals without any musk or hint of tangy bodily, ahem, aromas…it’s just clean. I never thought I’d be attracted to such a tropical floral, but I’m drawn to Daybreak’s jasmine on hot days when I don’t want a lot of fussiness.


As for the products themselves, I have been duly impressed with their 100% natural ingredients, many of which are organic and grown on their farm. When I placed an order for several skincare items (the By U 4 U Facial Cleanser is wonderful), Jody Byrne, the owner, was very generous to send me a wide variety of Jasmine and Taj Majal body products to sample and these were the stand-outs:


My favorite everyday product: Jasmine Flower Shea Butter Soap with 33% Shea Butter comes in a big brick that you cut into bars yourself. I wasn’t sure I’d like the idea of cutting the bars, but now I love it. This allows you to make the soap the size you want, and I’ve also cut off bars and wrapped them up for friends. The soap creates a superb lather, and because it’s made with 33% shea butter, it is very moisturizing. 


My new favorite discovery: Jasmine Lovelight Body Candle was a complete novelty for me as I’d never seen anything like it. The candle itself is made from shea and cocoa butters as well as old comb beeswax, so when you light it and the base melts, you can apply it directly to your skin. Let it cool for a few moments, and pour it on! I found that simply dipping my fingers into the melted candle was plenty for moisturizing my hands and arms as the warmed up “candlotion” covers a lot of area. The lovelight body candle would make a perfect gift, and as the name suggests, lends itself to a little romance. 


My favorite indulgence: Moisturizing my hands with a luxurious body butter before bed is a favorite ritual of mine, and the Taj Mahal Extra Shot of Moisture Body Balm is a worthy contender. The ingredients include aloe gel, vegetable squalene from olives, unrefined shea butter, pure lanolin, sweet almond, jojoba, beeswax, and honey. Like all Daybreak body products, you get to choose what scent you want. Mysore Sandalwood, Damask Rose, and Lemon Verbena are just a few of the other offerings. I would love to order this in the Sandalwood Vetiver next go around. The texture of the body balm is very thick, smoothes easily over the skin and is readily absorbed.


My favorite summertime body spray: Taj Majhal Spray Silk is a spray-on moisturizer that has a refreshingly fine mist and provides a light hydration for your skin. On those hot muggy days when you want a light scent and a cool mist, the clean jasmine bouquet of Taj Majal Spray Silk is ideal. Sweet almond, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils provide the moisturizing ingredients of the Spray Silk, and lavender flower tea provides its invigorating quality, especially if you keep the bottle in the refrigerator as the Daybreak website suggests.


Jasmine, be it clean or indolic, may not be your scent preference. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing Daybreak’s wonderful and vast array of  body and skincare offerings. You can also check out Dain’s review of Daybreak’s Rhassoul 5-Piece All-Natural Skin Care System. I too have been using the Rhassoul Complexion Polish along with the Prairie Oat Mint Exfoliating Bar when I want to exfoliate my face and back. Be on the look-out for a more extensive Scent Hive review of those two products in the coming months.


Daybreak Lavender Farms; available at their website


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14 thoughts on “Daybreak Lavender Farms: Full Body Treatment

  1. Truthfully there are very few jasmine scents that work for me, too many become the poop house on me, so I might have to keep this line in mind when I have a jasmine urge.

  2. Apparently, thatr’s the opposite of what I search for in a jasmine scent, but I had fun reading your indole explanation which indeed is such an interesting aspect of white flowers.
    Smelling indole as an entity unto itself in the past, I was struck by how it’s not really fecal, as so often mentioned, but more like urinous and bitter-like, with an earthy interlay. It’s merely a facet of feces, while skatole also contributes to the smell. Fascinating stuff!

    1. E,
      I’m with you, I like my jasmines on the indolic side. And I like them with that skunky, earthy juiciness 🙂 In Fiore has mastered that as far as I’m concerned!

      When they turn into a urinal cake smell like Amouage’s Ubar did on me, I gotta run the other way, LOL.

      But Daybreak’s “clean” jasmine is a nice departure for me on what I typically go for, I’m enjoying it.


  3. I wonder what could be considered the most indolic, animal like (wit out animal in it) perfume around.

    Today I keep thinking, “Who hasn’t bathed?!
    Oh, It’s me! Wait… I’m clean! No, I’m not! I have costus all over me with jasmine, rose, patchouli, myrrh and and slew of other oils.
    So… I guess I smell like wet dog poop rolled in incense and flowers.
    I better hit the shower before dinner and the theatre tonight!

    1. Maybe we should take a poll…the most indolic vegetarian scent out there? In Fiore’s Maia gets top honors in my collection. Sadly it’s discontinued at the moment, but will soon be re-released with a new name. Updates will follow!


  4. I’m still using Daybreak, which is the true test of skincare. You reach for what works. Though… now I live somewhere hotter and muggier than I’m used to, and I’m not sure what to do because I’m reluctant to give it up.

  5. Facinating! I have often wondered, when smelling certain flowers, why the “poopy” odor…interesting…makes some sense, though.

    Love the learning!

  6. That Jasmine Lovelight Body Candle sounds absolutely INTRIGUING!!! I’m definitely going to look into that! I’ve never even heard of such a thing! But I’m all about multitasking and if a product can multi-task then it’s perfect for me! Thanks for sharing your great finds!! I enjoy reading about them (even if I don’t comment. Sometimes I’m embaressed to).

  7. Thank you for the information, I always thought I was some kind of freak because flowering jasmine smelled repulsive to me. Gardenias as well, come to think of it.

    1. I,

      You’re welcome! As much as I love jasmine and gardenia, I know that indolic aspect can be way too much for people and it’s nice to put a name on it.

      Sometimes jasmine is too much much for me too 😉


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