The Winner of Maoli’s Colonia Dulce is…

Charm! Charm, you posted your entry comment under the Colonia Dulce review, but I knew you wanted to be entered and you won! Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered. As a consolation, everyone can go to the Maoli website and get a deluxe sample of Colonia Dulce for $5 and free shipping.


Posted by ~Trish

Hula Dancers from


5 thoughts on “The Winner of Maoli’s Colonia Dulce is…

  1. Thank you soooo much!!! I LOVE the picture you posted! This has brought such a happy feeling to me and I absolutely cannot wait to try this fragrance! I can’t express my gratitude enough! It’s so hard to be away from family, friends, and the beautiful islands….but I’m sure this perfume will “take me back” and put a HUGE smile on my face! If it’s made by locals…then it MUST BE a KEEPER! As they say…”you can take the people out of the island, but ya can’t take the island out of the people”.

    Much MAHALO for giving me this opportunity! I told you that you made my day…but in fact, you’ve made my month! Thanks for that!

    1. Charm,

      It is indeed made by locals, and young ones at that if you read their story. It’s a good one!

      Many thanks to Maoli for their generous giveaway. You’ll have to let us know what you think.


  2. Yes, thank you Maoli for being generous and kind enough to give away a special concoction that I’m sure is close to your heart.

    Thanks again Trish!

  3. I received my small parcel from Maoli today! I’ve been on a mini-vacation and had to pick up my mail at the post office. And with extreme jubilation, I realized I had received a package!!! I rushed to my car, mail in one hand, parcel under arm, and 16-month old in the other. I couldn’t wait to open the package, so I tore it open right there in the post office parking lot. How excited I was! I sniffed it from the bottle and became even more excited. Plumeria! I spritzed it on my wrist and could not hide the joyous feeling that was bubbling from my heart. I was all smiles and my car was filled with the smell of Hawaii. Just a handful of simple notes made my day and brought me back to the islands I missed so much. Thank you Maoli and Scent Hive for bestowing this gift upon me. I will be forever grateful!

    If you love jasmine and enjoy the idea of travelling to Hawaii….I definitely recommend this fragrance. The Hawaiian in you will thank you for it… =)

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