DIY Summer Foot Scrub: Alyssa's Guest Post

At a young age, I had a strange fixation on making my own beauty products. When eight years old, I tried to extract the scent of the lily of the valleys that grew in our garden by squishing them up in jar. Needless to say all I got was the scent of something green that was pulverized into mush. I also had my hand in lip gloss creating and soap making, neither turned out the way I hoped. As I got older, it started to come easier for me to create my own items. I read up on books and found useful sites on the internet to help me out with the kinks. It wasn’t long, around the age of sixteen when I found my passion, the world of natural health and beauty.


Once you begin making your own beauty products it’s hard to stop, especially when you find something that really works and makes you feel good. Trish has asked me to be a guest writer here on Scent Hive and I am honored to share my favorite beauty recipes with you all. If you have never created your own natural beauty products before and are looking for somewhere to start, I think you’ll find the recipes I’ll be sharing easy and flexible. If you want to add more of something like scent, go ahead and personalize it! Like I said before, these recipes are my favorites because they work, are easy to make, and they make me feel good when using them. Most of the ingredients can be found either at your local grocery store, or can be picked up at a health food store. Here is the first recipe for my Scent Hive DIY Series.


Summer Foot Scrub

DIY Summer Foot Scrub


I have been making this scrub for myself for two summers now. It’s a lovely treat for the feet.

  • 1 tablespoon of oil
    I personally like to use extra virgin coconut oil as it smells delicious and is less greasy than most oils. But almond is also another great choice for those who like extra moisture.
  • ½ cup of blue organic cornmeal
    Any cornmeal will do but I like the blue because of its color.
  • ¼ cup of table salt
  • 2 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of lavender.
  • Like I stated before, create this how you would like it. Use all three essential oils, or just one.

Mix all ingredients together and store in a dry area in a jar that holds about 8 oz. It will last longer if water is kept from entering. If the scrub seems too dry add in a little more oil.

Alyssa is a recent highschool graduate, going to college in the fall where she’ll be studying physical therapy and working towards a medical esthetician license. Her dream is to work in a health and medical spa that offers only organic and natural treatments for the skin. (I think she’ll be opening her own someday!) She has been a member of since 2006.

Posted by ~Trish


10 thoughts on “DIY Summer Foot Scrub: Alyssa's Guest Post

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I’ve been needing a foot scrub for awhile and I think I will make mine now. Off to experiment

  2. Wow, how easy this seems to make! I’ll try it as everything, including my feet, gets really dry here in LA.
    Thank you!

  3. I love the idea of DIY on your blog, kudos! I’ll be experimenting with this scrub this weekend, and not a moment too soon! All best for August! W

  4. Show me the blue corn meal tootsie scrub! (I reckon you did!) WOW! So much fun, can’t wait to try it.

    Woohoo! Waiting for more DIY ideas.. Thank you, Alyssa!

    Superb guest blog idea, Trish!

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