Enfleurage, NYC Indie Scent Boutique

Enfleurage NYC


Has a perfume ever brought you to tears? Maybe it conjured up a beautiful or heartbreaking memory. Or maybe the fragrance itself was so overwhelmingly glorious that it overtook your emotional dashboard and the floodgates opened. I entered Enfleurage this past week with Jessica from Now Smell This and found myself in one of those moments. I had never met Jessica before that day, and was not keen on bursting forth with emotional lability in front of her. But when I took my first whiff of the boutique’s Tuberose Enfleurage Butter, my heart was full of longing, and indeed I wanted to cry.


We’ll delve into the longing part in a minute. Let’s have an Enfleurage orientation first. Enfleurage, the boutique, is in NYC’s West Village and is filled with fragrant distilled oils, moisturizing oils, body butters, teas, soaps, incense, etc. (For a detailed description of their offerings see NST’s review here). Enfleurage, the process, allows flowers to release their oils into a fatty pomade, typically over the course of several days, while being pressed between glass plates. Trygve Harris, the boutique owner, uses organic palm oil from Colombia as the fatty medium, and offers this as a fragrant moisturizer in butter form. Tuberose, gardenia, rose and rose glory bower (chiclé is the nickname) are the current varieties.

Enfleurage NYC


Indeed, the Tuberose Enfleurage Butter took my breath away and put a skip in my otherwise steady heartbeat. And if I had been alone inhaling this for the first time, my emotions would most certainly have gotten the better of me. I am attempting to figure out why this particular tropical white flower concoction created, and still creates, such a visceral response in me. I suppose it might be the utter purity of the butter. It’s simply solidified oil and tuberose oil. (Of course the painstaking process to render the oil from the tuberose is costly and time consuming).

The purity lends itself to a fragrance all together different from what I experienced in Carnal Flower at the Frederic Malle boutique. While Carnal Flower is most assuredly beautiful and very true to tuberose’s lush, green nature, Enfleurage’s Tuberose Butter is, well… more buttery. With its hint of plumeria, this tuberose is like buttery sweat dripping down a stalk of Hawaiian sugar cane. Salty, sweet, creamy, and oh so very tropical. Unbelievably gorgeous. It made me wistful for unattainable sultry breezes and warm sand in between my toes at summer’s end. But most of all, it was so darn overwhelmingly glorious. And the Gardenia Butter? It’s drop-dead gorgeous too.



Before Jessica and I left Enfleurage, with a jar of Tuberose Butter in hand of course, Trygve poured some frankincense oil from Oman on my arm. This was after I had dabbed on a tiny bit, and she said “Oh honey, that’s not nearly enough! Here you go!”  I balked at the amount she bestowed upon me, but as we walked into the hot and sticky city air, I realized Trygve knew exactly what she was doing. This frankincense is no ordinary frankincense. The oil is water extracted in a copper distiller and the result is refreshing and uplifting. I could not believe I was experiencing frankincense. Menthol, pine and camphor mingle in the opening. Minty woods unfurl in the heart; and a mild, decidedly non-churchy incense peeks in at the end just to remind you that this really is frankincense you anointed upon yourself. I had to go back two days later to get a vial, this time accompanied by Lucy, the creator of one my favorite blogs, IndiePerfumes, and her compatriot in scent, Leah, of Asking Leah.

I also had the chance to smell blue lotus which was an enlightening opportunity after wearing and loving Mandy Aftel’s Lumiere for many weeks now. It was fascinating to experience the essence on its own and realize just how present it is in the top notes of Lumiere. It’s very moody and tannic, and less floral than I would have imagined, never having smelled it alone.


This summer at Blunda, Strange Invisible PerfumesLe Labo, Caron, Frederic Malle, and Enfleurage, has been delightful and educational commiserating with fellow scent lovers, shop owners and fabulous sales associates while broadening my own knowledge of natural perfumes, one note at a time. 


Enfleurage; 321 Bleecker Street in the heart of Manhattan’s West Village

Trygve’s Facebook Page. Trygve’s Blog.

photographs by ~Trish

posted by ~Trish


13 thoughts on “Enfleurage, NYC Indie Scent Boutique

  1. Hi Trish:

    Those butters are glorious, aren’t they. I’ve been inspired to make several butters (enfleurage bases) and so far I have Vietnamese gardenia, peach-scented fragipani and Jasmine sambac Grand Duke of Tuscany (all from my garden.) I’ve also made tuberose (yes!) and will soon be making gardenia, flown in for the project.

    BTW, the chicle mentioned. After I bought a tiny sample of the tincture/extract from Trygve for $50, I realized it’s a plant I grow in my garden, and I have a liter of the flower tincture! LOL. It’s a clereodendron, species philippensis (sp?). Gorgeous stuff.

    There are now producers around the world responding to the demands of artisan perfumers, Trygve being one of them, and from China, now gardenia concrete and absolute, etc.

    Exciting times!


    1. Anya,

      We have a glory bower in our front yard too, but I’m not sure if it’s the same as a rose glory bower.

      Anyway, love that Trygve has such a wonderful selection of enfleurage essences, what a fabulous boutique she has!


    1. Thanks Roxana! How fabulous that you have the Oman frankincense as well. Isn’t it soothing and exhilarating at the same time? It is pure heaven 🙂


  2. Okay, I am now officially VERY envious! 😀

    That tuberose butter sounds so amazing – it must be something like what happened to me when I tried Caron’s Tubereuse, so pure and lovely.

  3. Dear T,

    I was thinking of Enfleurage and the been wearing the jasmine sambac ever since. What a find! I have never had such a smooth and subtle jasmine with so much coolness to it.

    So lovely to try things on with you there! Aedes was fun too…


    1. Lucy,

      The sambac concrete is indeed very beautiful. It doesn’t move me in quite the same way as the tuberose or the gardenia butters, but I love your description of its smoothness and coolness….so true. It also has amazing longevity as opposed to the the butters which are more ephemeral.

      And yes, Aedes was certainly a treat!


  4. Your description of this experience nearly brought tears to my eyes too, Trish. Once again I’m blown away by how beautifully you write. I’m going to have to read it again now. : )

    1. Thanks Susan, and thanks for reading. NYC was great and as you know I thought of you in Barney’s and what fun we would have had there together! (and what trouble we would have gotten ourselves into 🙂 )


  5. Ah, I have a visit to Enfleurage on my wish list, and you only serve to reinforce my yearnings. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience…it was a delightful vicarious pleasure.

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