Strange Invisible Perfume’s Latest Release: Fire and Cream

fire and cream

Fire and Cream launches today, the newest fragrance from Alexandra Balahoutis, perfumer and creator of Strange Invisible Perfumes. The name Fire and Cream is not so much descriptive of the perfume, but rather of Ms. Balahoutis, as she created this fragrance for herself. Yet, Fire and Cream not only alludes to her red hair and pale complexion, it also refers to the sky one summer evening when Ms. Balahoutis looked at what must have been a gorgeous sunset and thought, “The sky is full of fire and cream.”

Fire and Cream begins with heaps of pure orange, and a healthy dose of herbaceous white lavender. Both hydro-distilled orange and orange blossoms are in the top notes, allowing for a luscious mix of rich citrus, sweet blossoms and aromatic lavender. The herbal quality continues into the heart of the fragrance where frankincense and tuberose enter the picture. I confess that my nose did not pick up these individual notes, (they are listed on the press release), but I did sense resinous and mildly heady after about an hour. I also took note of vetiver which is listed as a base note, but mingles unabashedly throughout the fragrance hierarchy. In fact, Fire and Cream reminds me of Magazine Street with its similar vetiver vigor, (blended beautifully with vanilla) but Fire and Cream is toned down on the sweetness and turned up on the herbaceousness.

Another similarity to Magazine Street is the well-mannered patchouli dry-down that gives both fragrances an earthy yet smooth base. Fire and Cream still remains much more aromatic than the more confectionary Magazine Street, and I do believe it would wear very well on a man. In addition, the drydown comes full circle with a glimpse of its lovely orange opening. Alongside sandalwood, the final unfolding evokes petitgrain, an essence which can easily be worn by a man or woman.

Fire and Cream also seems to be one of those fragrances that will move effortlessly from season to season. The citrus/lavender duo is not overbearing in its liveliness and the patchouli/frankincense/tuberose triad never becomes a heavy floriental. All notes are well-balanced and being a fan of Magazine Street, I am enjoying that it feels like a familiar favorite, but is different in its cologne-esque edge.

So is there fire and cream in Fire and Cream? I’m not sure the name befits the juice in the literal sense, but I do love the fragrance itself and the story of a stunning sunset as its inspiration. But I’m certainly no red head with a pale complexion. I’m a brunette with brown eyes and olive skin. So Alexandra, you’re gonna have to move over…Fire and Cream is mine!

Leave a comment and you will be entered in a giveaway to receive a sample of Fire and Cream direct from Strange Invisible Perfumes. There will be two lucky winners! You will have until Sunday September 20th at 10pm Pacific time to enter. US entries only this time. Good luck! The winners have been chosen.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Commitment (from their press kit):

Strange Invisible Perfumes is committed to respecting and preserving the earth. Its practices as a company, boutique, and manufacturer are vibrantly green. All products are authentically pure and natural. They are completely free of synthetic preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, petroleum, coal tar, and industrial phthalates. While sincerely recognizing the value of organic certification, Strange Invisible Perfumes adheres to its own standards of purity and authenticity, which are arguably far more rigorous. The company aggressively pursues ingredients that are organic, fair trade, wildcrafted, and biodynamically cultivated, with every ingredient satisfying at least one measure. All perfumes are set in a base of 100% organic grape alcohol. Ecologically sound packaging reinforces its green stance.

Fire and Cream is available at Strange Invisible Perfumes

posted by ~Trish


75 thoughts on “Strange Invisible Perfume’s Latest Release: Fire and Cream

  1. Hi Trish, this sounds intriguing — I still haven’t gotten out there yet, so maybe I’ll win a second prize on your site, but that would be highly unusual ; )

    I’ve really been enjoying your posts, but I mostly read them in emails so I don’t post on the site much!

    Happy Fall,

  2. Trish,
    I’m always game to try a new SIP. And Magazine Street is one of my favorites, so even more interested to see if I smell the similarities you do. Please count me in.

    1. Amy,

      Fire and Cream and Magazine St are like cousins who are so different in personality, but look enough alike that you know they are in the same family….have some similar gestures and such.

      I think they would be fabulous layered together. In fact, I think I know what I’ll be wearing today!!


    1. Carol,

      Good question, does the vetiver behave itself? It felt so present at times, and then receded to allow the patchouli/orange/blossomy drydown to emerge.

      It really evolves this one. And it also was different each time I wore it. The first time, the orange opening was more forceful, the 2nd and 3rd, the lavender was more pronounced. It’s a fascinating fragrance.


  3. As an avid SIP fan, I would love to be entered in the drawing. This one sounds interesting, as all SIPs. My favorites are the now discontinued Lady Day, Persica and L’Invisible!

    1. L,

      I knew about Lady Day (moment of silence….) but not Persica and L’Invisible! Those two were at the boutique in July and the SA did not mention anything. Is that new info? How sad 😦


      PS: You are entered in the drawing of course!

  4. This sounds really intriguing! Lavender is such an interesting note so I’m interested in smelling how it’s used here. The other notes sounds delightful! Please enter me into the drawing 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great review. I am wearing Urban Lily today and really like it. I would love to try fire and cream as it sounds so interesting as all the SIPs are….Please enter me in the drawing.

  6. Hello! I would love to try this one. Please enter me. I haven’t tried a single SIP yet, but love citrus and herbs. The notes sound intriguing for sure, and from your description this fragrance is well blended. Thanks!

  7. Fire and Ice sounds like a very interesting scent — incense is a love of mine and the citrus and herbs won’t hurt. 🙂

    I’ve tried several samples from SIP but haven’t quite found exactly IT for me. This may be a candidate! Enter me in the draw, please.

  8. Please enter me in your draw, too. Magazine Street is my favorite of the SIPs I’ve smelled, with L’invisiible a close second. I find them both almost mesmerizing and would love to smell more.

    1. Kathryn,

      Happy to see Magazine St getting some love here! It is such a favorite of mine. One of these days I’ll get to New Orleans and walk its namesake street 🙂

      You need to smell more SIPs, so best of luck,

  9. Great review, Trish, and Fire and Cream sounds wonderful! No need to enter me in the drawing, I’ll get a sample for the Guild library. Alexandra makes such lovely, intriguing perfumes, love them all.

      1. Hi Trish:

        I don’t review other perfumer’s fragrances, well, maybe I’ll just say I love something 😉 I have always felt, since a perfumer is an artist, it’s just weird to “review” other perfumers works. It’s like an actor reviewing another actor’s movie, or a writer dissecting another writers book. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

        I leave the critiques and impressions to impartial folks like yourself. I think that’s the best way, don’t you?


  10. Trish,

    Oh my! This sounds awesome! I am a huge fan of SIP fragrances. Please enter my name for the sample drawing.

    Thank you!

    M 🙂

  11. This may be my very favorite SIP. With my chemistry I get mostly orange blossom and then some gorgeous tuberose and a drydown of soft sandalwood. It’s a beauty and I agree that it’s a year round scent. This fragrance makes me feel happy (euphoric, even) & also calm and serene. The first time I sampled it I was literally giddy. FBW for sure!

    Please enter me in the drawing only if it’s a pure perfume sample (I have a sample of the EDP). As much as I like to spritz, I think the pure perfume is probably that much more incredible.

    1. joy,

      F&C sounds lovely on you! I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time I wear it, it changes and I sense more of something else, like maybe the tuberose or the sandalwood. It has changed a bit on me each time I have worn it, which makes me love it all the more!

      The samples are EDP, so I guess I will refrain from putting you in the drawing. Let me know if you change your mind.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions!


  12. I am always looking for perfumes with a good dose of orange blossoms and this sounds delicious. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks for your wonderful site.

    1. R,

      Off the top of mind I would say no, Vera always strikes me as a cozy, woodsy lavender fragrance and F&C is more lively and earthy.

      I am off to do a side-by-side though because you now have my interest piqued in comparing them!

      I’ll put you in the drawing and maybe you’ll get the chance to smell for yourself…of course you’re not too far from the boutique!


      1. R,

        Actually, F&C is a bit like your solid Vespertina. They are both unique of course, but kind of like sisters 🙂

        Vera feels more powdery and woodsy like I said. Love it and am thinking of reviewing it this winter!


  13. Please enter me in the draw, I have never tried this line but this one sounds fabulous! After all, we are on a cusp of seasonal change, so this would be just perfect, right? 🙂

  14. Trish, I’m fairly curious myself 😉
    The only SIP I bought, years ago-
    Was a mysteriously resinous oriental with blue lotus….

    1. Chaya,

      You must be talking about Lyric Rain, I reviewed it here on Scent Hive if you are interested. It has a fabulous aged patchouli doesn’t it? I’ll bet it was right up your alley 😉

      Best of luck,

    1. You can thank the people at SIP for the giveaway! I’m so glad they are giving two Scent Hive readers the chance to try F&C.

      And yes, natural perfume is such an amazing world to explore, clearly I love it 😉


  15. Wow. Please enter me. I felt like I had discovered something super special when I smelled Magazine Street (what would you call this experience? It was similar to the idea suggested in The Secret Garden, when she looked through into the garden and felt there was a world no one else knew, that was left there for her…). I would love to smell Fire and Cream.

    Also– where did you get that photo? That is a beautiful image and bottle. I noticed that SIP doesn’t have images of their bottles on their site. This bottle would easily satisfy all those perfumistas who are really into the “full bottle” experience– it’s beautiful!

    1. Aubrey,

      Fantastic Secret Garden image! My mind is running with it 🙂
      I adore Magazine St and Fire & Cream is a like a sequel to one of my first SIP loves.

      The photo was sent to me by the SIP PR people. They have bottle images on, but I don’t think F&C is available there just yet, at least not when I published the review on 9/15.

      I just read your reviews of Kelly Caleche. How I love that fragrance! I took it on vacation with me this summer and loved wearing it everyday 🙂


  16. Anya from the Natural Perfumers Guild has offered one of her two samples of Fire and Cream to a Scent Hive reader. I have chosen another name from the above commenters, and Tara is the lucky winner!

    Tara, I have emailed you and Anya will be in touch to send you your sample.

    Thanks so much Anya for the generous extension of the F&C giveaway. What a fun surprise for Tara!!


  17. I’ve written to Tara and I’ll slip the sample in the mail when she replies. What fun to get two samples and be able to share! BTW, I see in Trish’s reply she is wearing Urban Lily. Can I tell you that makes me swoon?! Oh, so gorgeous.


    1. Anya,

      Thanks again for offering up the Guild’s extra F&C sample!

      Tara did mention liking Urban Lily in her pervious comment, and I still need to try it. Sounds like it is swoon-worthy though. I shall bust out my sample ASAP 🙂


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