Winners of Fire & Cream and Essentially Me Samples

It’s celebration time for three lucky Scent Hive winners! Lawladyda and WaftbyCarol won the giveaway for the Strange Invisible Perfumes samples of Fire and Cream. Entangled won the Essentially Me full set of ten samples. Congratulations! I will be contacting you by email for the necessary information.

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Celebration Lee Krasner

Posted by ~Trish

Celebration by Lee Krasner at


4 thoughts on “Winners of Fire & Cream and Essentially Me Samples

  1. The samples arrived today and I’m wearing Essentially Me’s Chypre right now – beautiful!

    After I’ve gotten acquainted with the other scents, I’ll briefly turn my garden blog into a perfume blog and write up my thoughts.

    Thanks for the opportunity to sniff and write!

    1. I’m so glad they arrived safe and sound! I’ll be sure to check out your thoughts on your blog. How fun to integrate gardening and a love for perfume đŸ™‚

      Isn’t Chypre interesting?


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