It’s a Crock

Wonder Woman

I know I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m a mom, I work. I try to make wholesome dinners, but I fail sometimes. OK, a lot of the time. So I bought a crock pot today, hoping that slow cooked, veggie laden soups and stews will save my family and me from vitamin D deficiency and whatever else might ail us. What does this have to do with natural perfumes and or beauty products? Nada. I just figured if I wrote it here on my blog, I might hold myself accountable and actually use the darn thing more than twice this fall/winter.

Do you have any favorite Crock Pot recipes? Please do share!

And the winner of the Sabon samples is… Katy! Congrats!

Posted by ~Trish


9 thoughts on “It’s a Crock

  1. Trish, I have a small crock pot that I use to make congee in. Congee is a many thousands year old recipe for ‘rice soup’. The long, slow cooking makes for easy assimilation/absobtion of the grains medicinal properties (other ingrediants can be added). Is Excellent for those folks convalescening or with weak digestion (me) needing easy food to digest. In the evening I put in one part grain (rice, millet) to 5 or 6 parts water. I have my crock pot plugged into a timer so it comes on around midnight to cook till 6 or so. Tastes Great, really!

  2. A couple of cookbook recommendations:
    – Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker. All of the recipes I’ve tried have been fabulous.

    – Andrew Schloss – The Art of the Slow Cooker. The recipes here have a bit more pre-work, but the results are worth it.

    Try new potatoes in the slow cooker. Just stick those in the slow cooker and let go 6-10 hours depending on the size. The potatoes seem extra “potatoey” this way.

    Love the blog. Good luck with the slow cooker.

  3. Hey, crock pots rule. I don’t have a family, but I use mine all the time. The best beans you’ll ever make will be in a crock pot, I’m telling you. We’ll have to talk.

    1. I want to hear about the best beans! I’ve already used mine twice. I made a great potato corn chowder and threw some cauliflower in for good measure…it was delicious!

      Let’s trade some recipes 🙂


  4. Ah, missed this when you first put it up…I second SakeCat’s “Not Your Mother’s Crock Pot” recommendation. On the other hand, I also use…my mother’s crock pot recipe book! And most roasting recipes can be adapted.

    I have to say — sorry, vegetarians — one of the best things that comes out of my crock pot is a beef stew with lots of potatoes and onions. And soup, soup, soup. 🙂

    1. Well that does it then! I am getting that book 🙂

      And I have made two soups so far and both have been delicious. So easy too. I’m not much of a beef gal, but I’ll take your word for it 😉


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