The winner of the Jackson Sage Soften Up Salve is…

Girls Entangled

Alyssa! I’ll get your info to the lovely people at Jackson Sage and they will send you a full-size Soften Up Salve for you to enjoy.

And for eveyone else, don’t forget that you have until November 13th to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one free promotion they are extending to Scent Hive readers. Simply enter the promotion code “ScentHive1009″ in the comments at check-out and you will receive a second product for free. Check out my recent review for more information on this fantastic line of botanical skin care.

“Girls Entangled” Limited-Edition Screen Print by Sanya Glisic at etsy and check out her blog.

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3 thoughts on “The winner of the Jackson Sage Soften Up Salve is…

  1. Yeah, Alyssa. I will send that to you on Monday!

    Also, I love the Screen Print by Sanya Glisic!

    Erika Hollen from Jackson Sage Botanical Skin Care.

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