Strange Invisible Perfumes: Limited Editions

Alexandra Balahoutis has created two Limited Edition parfums this season, Flower Powder and Pure Violet. They truly are limited editions as only 6 bottles of both parfums are being offered, each one numbered. The fragrances are only available at the Strange Invisible Perfumes Boutique in Venice, Ca., but can be shipped if you want to buy one unsniffed.

You should know the notes are a guarded secret though, as Alexandra, the creator of Strange Invisible Perfumes, wants them to be mysterious. The press information I was sent consists of Flower Powder: “A powdery floral with an eccentric sense of innocence.” And, Pure Violet: “Despite the fact that violet blossoms cannot be extracted, Pure Violet will even trick the limbic system”.

Despite the hefty price tags of $440 for Pure Violet and $335 for Flower Powder, the 1/4oz bottles are selling, so if you are considering a special holiday purchase either get yourself to the boutique or call in your order quickly.

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