Aftelier Perfumes Fig EdP

Mandy Aftel, creator of Aftelier Perfumes, is a true artist. Her fragrances are interesting, thought provoking, and ultimately beautiful, and each time I wear one I adore her fragrances just a little more. I’m certain Mandy’s Fig has more than the listed notes of fir absolute, jasmine sambac and yuzu in its blend, but knowing this triad provides the foundation for this stunning perfume gives me much to ponder, even without having the scent on my skin.

The juxtaposition of something so deeply green and reminiscent of winter festivities like fir against the intensely lush and heady floral quality of jasmine intrigued me greatly before I had the chance to sample Fig. I wasn’t expecting Fig would smell like figs, but rather Mandy’s interpretation of the fruit. And indeed, I’d liken it to an impressionist’s take on what figs smell like, but not the watery Monet’s that typically come to mind; more like a Manet where you see the image quite clearly, but with an edge, albeit a softened edge.

Fig speaks of contrary alliances. It’s musty yet sharp, balsamic yet sweet. It’s indolic and resinous, earthy and powdery. Mandy’s Vintage Patchouli essential oil might be in Fig because it possesses a rich, earthy base that resembles the aged patchouli. But the overriding beauty of this fragrance is the merging of fir and jasmine sambac. Somehow the two create a sap-filled and organic scent that is dark and jammy with a subtle spicy flourish only jasmine sambac can offer. The chewy aroma of Fig is so unique and alluring, I had to put it on my holiday wishlist.

And Yay! I received a bottle of the new Fig EdP as a Christmas gift from my husband, and what a thrill it was to find that treasure snuggled up inside Aftelier’s signature purple box with her orange and purple floral label. Both the parfum and EdP have the same formulation, yet I do prefer the EdP as it is lovely to spray Fig on your skin. I do love to dab, but it is exhilarating to spritz such a gorgeous perfume which fortunately lasts all day.

Posted by ~Trish

Aftelier Fig was picked as one of the top 9 natural perfumes for summer on! Check out their site for beauty and fashion tips.

Fig EdP is $150 for 30ml at Aftelier Perfumes. Aftelier products do not contain artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, or parabens. This is clearly stated on the website.

Figs by Serinissima on Etsy


14 thoughts on “Aftelier Perfumes Fig EdP

  1. Thanks for reviewing this Trish. I love Mandy’s scents too. I’m reading Essence & Alchemy right now (have had it for years but haven’t read it cover to cover, just in bits and pieces). Anyway, I’m wondering if there’s much difference between the Fig EDP and parfum? I sampled this is the pure parfum and the fir was very prominent on my skin so I would love it if I had better luck w/the EDP. Sadly, her sample pricing is a bit spendy or I’d have sampled this in EDP already. 🙂 I’m also curious if you’ve been able to try her Trevert EDP?

    1. Joy,

      I did not sense any difference between Fig EdP and the Parfum. They small alike to me and both have wonderful staying power!

      I did get a sample of Trevert, and while it is piney, it is not sweet like Fig. It’s more ambery/powdery. Very lovely as well.


    1. Just checked out both of your blogs, they are fabulous! Go PNW 😉

      Mandy Aftel’s Fig is unlike any other fig perfume. It’s a dark, jammy, overripe fig that I find entirely addictive. Hubby likes it too which helps.

      Happy New Year!

  2. What the hell??? I did not know of this hidden treasure?!
    I’m ashamed of myself!
    Thanks for the heads up Trish ,
    I’m so glad you ended up getting it<3
    Now I know fragrance is deeply personal but with how you pointed out how alike this and my beloved Fir-Ever Young is should I just throw caution to the wind and buy already?
    What's the word bird?
    It is so spendy to do that and I probably would'nt but if I could do that do you think I would be dissapointed?
    Thanks for any opinions .


    1. You most definitely would not be disappointed! Fig is amazing. Since you have Fir-Ever Young, you might not “need” both. But I love having them both 🙂


  3. Of course you do! 😉
    I would too so I think this is a definate hell to the yeaaah.


    I’m vowing not to buy anything else till Oct. as I’ve gone a lil’ wee bit overboard on the perfume front lately 😛
    The first things I do buy are for sure going to be Tauer’s Une Rose Chypree and now Aftelier’s Fig. I can’t resist the urge to spray that all over like you described, I bet it’s heaven!
    Thanks for answering, and maybe I’ll score that mini to tide me over till the fall.
    Take care, and be well<3

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