Weleda Almond Facial Care Kit

You see that cute little kit up there? I had a stand-off with it at my local health food store not too long ago. I’d been wanting to try Weleda’s Almond Skincare for sometime, but I’m set on my current regimen and really didn’t need to buy it. But it’s cute and sweet, that little package of four generously sized skincare samples, and pink too. I began to back away from temptation, but not fast enough as the pink boxes in that simple brown box got the better of me. Next thing I knew it was sitting in my cart alongside organic yogurt tubes for my boys.

I decided to use the cleanser and moisturizers every day, forsaking my Dr. Hauschka and Kahina favorites, to give the Weleda Almond routine a fair shake. I have used the Cleansing Lotion at night and most mornings, the Moisture Cream for day, and the Intensive Facial Cream with the Facial Oil over that for night.

The big winner in the kit is the Almond Cleansing Lotion. In fact, I have already bought a full-sized tube to replace the now empty 10ml one from the set. There’s no scent to the cleanser, or any of the Almond products, and it performs very well in removing make-up and the day’s impurities while also soothing the skin. Its consistency is creamy, not milky, but is not so thick as to leave a residue. My skin always feels nourished, cleansed, and never tight after using the Weleda Cleansing Lotion.

The other product that I will probably replace with a full-size is the Almond Moisture Cream. It’s light but hydrates efficaciously and wears well under powder or liquid foundations. The Almond line is made for those of us who have sensitive skin, but would be appropriate for all skin types save for those with exceptionally dry skin. (You all might want something that provides a little more moisture). The Almond Intensive Facial Cream is not “intense” like the name suggests. I would have thought it to be thicker and less like a lotion. It’s similar in texture to Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream Light, and neither one gives me the hydration I need, especially in the winter months. I apply a tiny amount of the Almond Facial Oil to boost the hydration which definitely helps. My skin has never looked parched in the morning after using the Intensive Facial Cream and Oil combo, but I do prefer Dr.Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream (the original non-light formula) and Kahina’s organic argan oil as my nightly moisturizers.

Overall, I am duly impressed with this line, and have found a cleanser and day moisturizer to place on my already too packed bathroom counter. But I’m fine with that. Weleda uses only natural ingredients, including organic almond oil, in their products. This, combined with unscented, effective formulas make Weleda Almond Skincare a fabulous new find. Did I mention how freaking cute the pink packaging is?

Posted by ~Trish

The Weleda Almond Facial Care Kit is $14.99 at Weleda.com


11 thoughts on “Weleda Almond Facial Care Kit

    1. Crystal,
      There’s no real almond scent in this line. There’s a barely perceptible nuttiness I’d say. But if you are a fan of almond oil in your skincare, you should definitely check this out!


  1. This stuff sounds great — I’ll bet it’s a lot less expensive than Dr Hauschka as well……………I’m totally into Arcona myself, but I mix and match with other lines, and this looks like it has some entries for me, thanks Trish! XXX Qwendy

    1. You’re right Wendy, Weleda is less expensive than Dr. H, but along the same lines with all natural, organic ingredients and they both employ biodynamic farming.

      I will always love Dr. H and some of their items are HG material for me, but Weleda compliments my routine nicely.

      You know, I have never tried Arcona. My interest is piqued now as their website says they use no petrochemicals, parabens, perfumes, dyes, etc. It doesn’t explicitly say all-natural, but their synthetics must be very low if no petrochems are used.


  2. Thank you very much for review! I’d like to try Weleda moisturising lotion, but not sure whether it can suit my combination skin, a little dehydrated at the moment actually…

    1. I think it’s terrific for combo skin, as that is what I have and it works very well for me. If you are really dehydrated you might want something a bit thicker like their “Cold Cream” which I also love.

      1. That’s good, I’ll try then almond light cream 🙂
        Unfortunately I can not use cold creams, because my skin is very strange now 😀 It is dehydrated but it shines when using hard creams and the feeling of oiliness is so unpleasant! That’s the strange problem I’ve got.

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