Strange Invisible Perfumes Trunk Show

Champagne, Cupcakes, Jewelry, and Perfume? Get me to the Southwest Airlines website and book me a flight! Have fun you lucky LA peeps. If you do go, let me know how amazing you smelled when you left. So jealous.

Posted by ~Trish


2 thoughts on “Strange Invisible Perfumes Trunk Show

  1. I used to live close to the SIP boutique & I sure do miss going in there. They have a new ltd ed scent called Dimanche that sounds so great (honey notes!) Don’t know the price & looks like they don’t offer samples of it on their website. Hope some of your followers can comment here on it. I tried Peloponnesian years ago when I think it was a ltd ed & I really liked it-it was different but unisex imo. Wish I had some frequent flyer miles…

    1. I think their LE perfumes are pretty spendy! But I would still love to smell any and all of them 😉

      A long weekend in LA sounds great, but in reality V-Day needs to be here with my hubby and boys.

      Another time right?


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