Hourglass Cosmetics. Hard to resist.

The above picture was taken just days ago at La Perla’s Fall 2010 Collection Preview. The makeup looks for the show were created by Hourglass makeup artist Michael Pierce and this one is the “Classic Look”. The model is wearing eyeshadow from the Visionaire Duo, Gypsy. I have Gypsy and adore its neutral look with a tasteful amount of shimmer and incredible pigmentation.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. I need to properly introduce this line, and explain my weakness for all things Hourglass. Hourglass Cosmetics was founded by Carisa Janes who used to work for Urban Decay in marketing and development. She moved on to become the creator of Body & Soul Cosmetics before staring Hourglass in 2003.

Their products are not all natural, but are made with mineral pigments rather than synthetic ones, and they are free of parabens and fragrance. Typically I would walk right past a cosmetics line that wasn’t 100% natural because I have found so many that I love and don’t need to supplement with anything else. That was until I saw the gorgeous colors and packaging of Hourglass.

Do you know people who rarely eat meat, but every now and then succumb to bacon? Well, Hourglass is my bacon. Maybe more of a turkey bacon, but a damn good bacon at that. My binge started with the aforementioned Gypsy Duo.

The darker color on the right is a cross between cocoa and bronze and I love it as an eyeliner. It also looks beautiful on the outer edge of the top lashline, with the lighter champagne color on the inner edge. With a light hand it gives a natural look for the day, and with a heavier application (and lots of mascara) it works beautifully for evening.

After my fabulous experience with Gypsy, I had to get another. Exhibition, above, was my next purchase and is just as lovely as Gypsy but more dramatic. It’s darker than the photo suggests as the color on the right is a deep burgundy-violet and the left is more of a taupey lavender. This duo is so intensely pigmented, that it has taken me some work to feel comfortable applying Exhibition. But once I did, a sexy, smoky, violet eye was my reward.

The latest temptation from Hourglass is their Prodigy Lipgloss. As you can see from the picture, it’s not your typical skinny tubed lippie. It has the shape of a tiny flip-phone and fits perfectly in your palm or small handbag. I have Hypnotic, a warm berry pink with a little shimmer. The texture is smooth and tenacious without being goopy (which was something I never liked about Chanel’s Glossimers). Hypnotic’s color lasts for several hours and feels moisturizing on the lips. The only sticking point is the cap. It’s difficult to get on without squeezing the product, but I’ve figured out my technique of holding the gloss on the sides instead, even though it is a bit cumbersome.

Hopefully you natural makeup junkies can understand my total lack of willpower as I tried to deny myself the bewitching Hourglass Cosmetics. We all need a little “bacon” to keep us from getting too self-righteous, right? (I also have the palette on the left, Vol. 6 Cashmere, it’s as awesome as you think it is). But come back soon for more reviews of all-natural makeup. I have found some amazing products!

Hourglass is available at Sephora, Barney’s, Hourglass Cosmetics and Dermstore.com. The Visionaire Duos are $38, Palettes are $58 and Prodigy Lipglosses are $26.

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Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: The above products were purchased by me, except for the Prodigy Lipgloss which was provided by Hourglass PR. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


19 thoughts on “Hourglass Cosmetics. Hard to resist.

  1. very interesting- I am very holy about not using non natural face cream etc but when it comes to make up I just carry on and it’s silly because that goes into my face just as much. I have tried a few more natural ones but haven’t been so impressed so will look out for this- great colours

    1. Hi Rose,
      We all have our comfort zone right? I have found some natural foundations that I love (Jane Iredale Pressed Powder, Dr H Toned Day Cream, 100% Pure’s Tinted Moisturizer and I’ll review them in upcoming posts). I also have found all natural blushes, mascara and eyeshadows that I love too.
      But it’s fun to play with color from Hourglass and I just could not pass them up! It’s not a daily use thing, so they’ll last me forever. I’ll write soon about my natural faves.

    1. Yes indeed, we’re had this convo 😉
      That’s why I need to be careful in my Hourglass dabblings. I don’t want it to be my gateway back into a synthetic makeup frenzy.
      I think I can be good 😉

    2. Bacon is the Staff of Life! LOL! I rarely eat ‘meat’ but pigs run squealing in the opposite direction when they espy me and my bacon-eatin’ self!


      okay, enough on the bacon-love. those colours are gorgeous! I am moving closer to natural cosmetics, esp. for eyes, because I am developing allergies (and no, it’s NOT the bacon 🙂 – those browns are beautiful!

      thanks for the great review!


      1. Run for your lives little piggies! LOL 😀

        You know who makes really nice brown eyeshadows is 100% Pure. It’s my new fave line. I will be reviewing a bunch of their products soon!


  2. Oooh. I’ve been waiting for this review. Beautiful stuff. On a different note, I just got my order of Revolution Organics stuff this week and am really liking the gloss and the beauty balm.

    1. Susan,
      You’d love Hourglass if you haven’t tried it already.
      I too am really pleased with my Revolution Organics lipglosses as you know. What color(s) did you get?

  3. the hourglass tinted moisturizer got me through the entire summer last year – it was just the right amount of color with just the tiniest glimmer – and it performed really well in the heat and humidity of south texas. i used it as my foundation, over my regular moisturizer. i may return to it this summer.

    but now you have me wanting to try their other products – the shadows look really nice.

    1. I know Hourglass gets huge raves for their TM. Sounds like it was a winner for you! You should give some of their other products a peek 😉


  4. Great review Trish. I love their look and packaging but for some reason I’ve never tried any of their products. I almost broke down at Christmas when they had an awesome pallette at Barneys (love Barneys esp. since they carry many natural lines-the Beverly Hills store carries SIP btw). And just as a side note since I mentioned Barneys…is Sponge on your radar? Would love some reviews of that skin care line from Greece. 🙂

    1. Thanks Joy!

      I have not heard of Sponge but am off to go do some research ASAP! Thanks for the tip. 🙂


      PS: Would love it if Nords started carrying natural cosmetic and perfume lines!

  5. I love the textures of the Hourglass eyeshadows and lipsticks. Their mascara is very good too; I find mascara is an item that is either missing from more natural lines or is disappointing.

    I look forward to reading about your natural finds too; I use and love rms Beauty, and I’m very tempted by Myth after your review of that.

    1. Hi GL,
      Thanks so much for commenting! My fave natural mascaras are Dr.Hauschka’s Volume and 100% Pure’s. Have you given either of those a try?

      Thanks again for reading!

  6. My daughter raves about this make up line-she’s worn BE for many years, but says this is way better. One thing I might add is that she has very light skin, porcelain, (think Geisha), and the lightest color they offer for face is not quite light enough, but she likes so much she’s going to stick with it. She also raves about the eye shadows.

    1. Lorelie,
      If I didn’t already have some natural favorites, I would definitely try their tinted moisturizer. It gets huge raves!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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