Pretty in Pink Natural Blushes

At this time of year, we’re all feeling a little pasty aren’t we? I guess I should qualify that and say here in the Northwest we certainly are. I’ve got an extra pallor at the moment as I am recovering from an unexpected surgery last week. All is well, but I will be counting on the above blushes to do their job by giving me a pop of pretty springtime pink.

My newest pink blush is Dr. Hauschka Rouge Powder Duo. When I first opened it, I fell for its sheer prettiness. I love the two-toned pan and the embossed floral design. The product is large enough to pick up one of the colors with your brush, or swirl over both to blend. The lighter pink is very subtle and perfect for a hint of color. The warm rose gives a deeper color, and both have more peachiness than the above photograph. Rouge Powder Duo is somewhere between the swatches to the left and the above group shot. This duo is matte and provides a natural flush, especially when applied with a “skunk brush”. I use the one from Lancome that I have had for years. Eco Tools includes one in their set if you prefer a greener option.

NVEY ECO #955 blush is a warm baby pink that is similar to the blended color from the Dr. Hauschka Rouge Duo. #955 might be your preferred choice if you like a subtle shimmer in your blush. NVEY Eco uses jojoba oil as their blush binder, so it goes on smoothly and creamy and never looks dry or chalky. Again, it’s difficult to get the exact color from a photograph, so imagine #955 somewhere between the close-up at the right and the group shot above.

Everyday Minerals has so many pink blushes that it’s hard to decide which one to pick. I have a few them including Walkie Talkie, Nick Nack and Soft Touch. But Apple is the one that escapes from my blush drawer most frequently because its warm, reddish pink color is really flattering on my light-medium olive skin (MAC NC30 for reference). I always use my skunk brush when dusting Apple on my cheeks because it is intensely pigmented. A little bit goes a long way and my full-sized pot will last me forever. And for $8, it’s an incredible bargain. Like the Dr. Hauschka and NVEY Eco blushes, Everyday Minerals blush is all natural, cruelty free, and highly recommended for adding beautiful, pure color to these last days of winter.

Everyday Minerals Blush is available for $8 at the Everyday Minerals Website.

Nvey Eco Organic Powder Blush is available at Nvey Eco

Dr. Hauschka Rouge Powder Duo is available for $29.95 at

“Group Shot”  and Nvey Eco close-up are my photographs. The other two are stock, manufacturer photos.


11 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink Natural Blushes

  1. Trish~
    Glad to hear you’re okay! Those blush colors have me dreaming of spring…can’t get here soon enough for me.

    1. Thanks Joy, doing better every day 🙂
      Luckily it hasn’t been too cold here and Spring feels very close!


  2. Wow T,
    Love the photo! Those blushes are beautiful. Blushes are one of my favorite beauty products! Really like the Dr. H one!

  3. Yes, the Dr H one is really lovely. I knew it was worth it to take a risk and order it before I saw it.

    Hope all is well with you!

  4. I got EM’s apple (and a couple others) ages ago- since I don’t use makeup often- I’d forgotten about it (though I do love it). Thanks for the reminder!

    1. L,
      Isn’t it great to find old-favorites in your stash? Apple is so pretty and worth busting out of hiding 🙂


      1. That’s what I thought it was! When applied does it look like a baby doll pink? I’m trying to find a non toxic blush to give me an Alexa Chung type look.

        1. Not sure about Alexa Chung’s blush, but it gives a nice flush of color kind of like Benefit’s Dandelion if you’re familiar with that. It’s really natural and pretty and gives a healthy glow.

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