Pink Praline by Soivohlé/Liz Zorn

Liz Zorn might be the most intriguing perfumer I have come across. Her fragrances are complex, unexpected and have a definite intelligence behind them. Never have I applied one of her perfumes and thought, “Ah yes, that’s what I thought this would smell like.” Pink Praline is no exception. The first time I wore it I was continually trying to figure it out, but now I know better to simply bask in its eccentricity.

Pink Praline is from the Soivohlé line of all natural perfumes which are made from plant based materials and use certified organic grain alcohol as a carrier. As its name implies, there is a sugary sweetness to Pink Praline that melds with pink grapefruit in its first 5-10 minutes on the skin. It’s fun and girly, but this phase is short lived as it quickly takes a more grown-up departure in the heart.

Cocoa and coffee notes emerge with a coating of what I’m guessing is Liz’s amber base. Her amber consists of benzoin, labdanum and tolu balsam, all of which intermingle with the bittersweet mocha-gourmand element. The duration of Pink Praline hangs in this delicious ambery-mocha mélange with every note pronouncing its presence within seconds of each other. For example, labdanum (or something awfully similar) and cocoa weave in and out, separately and then together in this interesting play of smells making Pink Praline animated and lively, but kinda sultry too.

Like I said above, Liz Zorn’s fragrances intrigue me and always give me something to think about. Pink Praline gets me pondering a free-spirited sexiness that’s ready for spring!

Pink Praline EdP is available at Soivohlé for $40 for .33 oz.

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Disclosure: A Pink Praline sample was given to me by a friend (thanks Jessica!). The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


4 thoughts on “Pink Praline by Soivohlé/Liz Zorn

  1. Ohhh. Oh, very interesting. I’m glad that I read your review – I never ever would have touched this based on the name. (“praline” is lovely; “pink” puts me off utterly). Now I think I need to sniff it.

    1. I had this sample for a long time before I tried it, for that same reason. So glad I gave it chance.

      Thanks for reading!

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