Hourglass Mineral Primer & Bronzer Duo in Sunset

I‘ve never been a primer gal, and rarely use bronzers. My reasons are skepticism about primers and laziness in adding another step to my routine with a bronzer. Until I started reading Gaia’s blog, The Non-Blonde, primers seemed to be another way to spend money on an unnecessary product. Not so according to Gaia, it’s a must. So when I was offered the chance to try Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, I did so with Gaia’s advice in mind.

You can read in my previous review of Hourglass Cosmetics, how fond I am of their eyeshadows, as well as their luxurious packaging. And although Hourglass does use petroleum products, they are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes (they use mineral pigments) and phthalates. Just as a side note here, I consider Hourglass to be in a similar ingredient category as lines like Korres and Tarte that advertise themselves as “natural” beauty lines. In my opinion they are engaging in a bit of greenwashing with those claims. Hourglass on the other hand does not promote itself as a “green” or “natural” company like the others, and they shouldn’t. I appreciate that.

Let’s veer back to the topic at hand, the Hourglass Mineral Primer. I tested this primer on many occasions under both mineral powders and liquid foundations. I loved it under liquid makeup, tinted moisturizers specifically, but not as much under powder. When I applied the primer under mineral powders, it gave my skin a matte finish that bordered on chalky. I tend towards dry skin which probably heightened the matte look. For someone with oilier skin, I imagine this would work perfectly.

I had a completely different experience when I wore Hourglass Mineral Primer under 100% Pure’s Tinted Moisturizer, Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream, and a mixture of the two. Using this primer gave my TMs a more polished finish and helped my makeup stay fresh all day, without an overly matte look. Hourglass Mineral Primer is easy to apply as is has such a silky slip, no doubt in part to silicones so those of you who are sensitive, beware. The pump dispenser is convenient, hygenic, and only one pump is needed to cover my entire face. And not only did it help my TM last throughout the day, and give me an SPF 15 protection, my blush held its pigment longer as well.

Speaking of blush, the Illume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset includes a gorgeous pink blush alongside its medium toned bronzer. The blush is a warm pink, bordering on coral which initially had me concerned. Coral cheeks are not the look I usually go for. But on my skin, it is pure pink prettiness. Imagine your cheeks after playing some tennis in the sun; a little flushed mixed with a little color from the sun. The bronzer is even warmer than the blush, but also gives a healthy, sunkissed glow without any orange fake-and-bake residual color.

Like the Mineral Primer, both colors in the Sunset Bronzer Duo go on smoothly and effortlessly. It’s creamy to the touch and dries to a semi-matte finish, but not so quickly as to not have ample time to blend and layer. Even without the primer, this pair of sunny colors stays on for hours if not the whole day.

Check out the review on Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen has posted some terrific pics of the Illume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset. And at StyleCaster, there’s a review of Hourglass mascara.

Hourglass Mineral Primer is available at Sephora for $52, 1 oz and the llume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo in Sunset is $40 also at Sephora. Hourglass is also available at Barney’s.

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: Hourglass PR sent me samples of both products. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


4 thoughts on “Hourglass Mineral Primer & Bronzer Duo in Sunset

  1. Because of you I bought Hourglass’s Calligraphy eyeliner and I couldn’t be happier. Other eyeliners were starting to itch me out – HGlass Calligraphy is very smooth and itch-free!


    ps. I second Gaia’s insistence on primer. I use Laura Mercier and it only takes a hot second to swipe it on. It grabs the foundation and holds it like glue. I figure that extra quick step sure beats having to touch my makeup or powder later in the day.


    1. I love that, “a hot second”….you mind if I use it? 😉

      I agree, using this primer gets me through a day at work. Not sure I’ll use it everyday, but I’m certainly glad I have it.


      PS: I’m so glad the Hourglass eyeliner worked out for you!

  2. I am with you. It’s refreshing when lines don’t engage in “green washing”, as there’s nothing really green about the lines you mention. I got the original cream bronzer palette from Hourglass, and loved the bronze side, not the highlighter, which broke me out due to the shimmer. I’m getting Sunset for sure.

    1. Elana,
      I could not agree more! I wish companies wouldn’t engage in greenwashing, but I guess it’s predictable given the popularity of green products right now. I’ve been burned several times in the past, so have taken to reading every ingredient list no matter how convincing the appearance of the product is.

      Thanks for reading!

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