Favorite Concealer Found: RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up

Some mornings I need a little more tending to than others. Whether it’s lack of sleep the night before or allergies wreaking havoc, dark circles under my eyes tell me that I need more than a light dusting of powder to get me through the day. Even though I am crazy for makeup, I don’t wear a lot of it, and prefer a minimalist look and minimal effort in my routine. As a result, applying concealer usually falls by the way side.

Fortunately Rose Marie Swift, founder of rms beauty, created Un Cover-Up, an incredibly effective and easy to use concealer. I am in love with its consistency. It’s creamy without being too heavy and provides ample hydration so use of a special cream prior to application is not necessary. There is no chalkiness in this formula and it’s not thick. Actually, it goes on deceptively sheer as it effectively covers up dark circles while imparting a lovely soft focus glow.

My skin is light to medium and olive in tone, so my choice was 22. It’s slightly lighter than my skin which gives an illuminating effect that I like, but a mix of 22 and 33 would probably be a perfect match. I don’t feel the need to do so since 22 is working out very well for me. As you can see from the above image, the color range is limited so I hope they offer darker tones in the near future.

Not everyone is going to be thrilled that the concealer comes in a pot, but my preference is to apply concealer with my ring finger, so the frosted glass pot is convenient for me. The price tag of $36 might also make some of you reluctant, but I seriously cannot imagine going through my Un Cover-up in the next five years. And considering the high quality ingredients- they are organic, food grade, and unprocessed- as well as the fabulous efficacy of the product, it’s worth it.

rms beauty Un Cover-Up is available at SpiritBeautyLounge and Nature of Beauty, $36 for a 7gm pot.

Update: Total coincidence, just saw this on Twitter. 20% off RMS Beauty (and all makeup) at SpiritBeautyLounge today, Monday July 12th!! Use code “tweet071210”

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: I purchased rms beauty Un Cover-Up at Spirit Beauty Lounge. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


11 thoughts on “Favorite Concealer Found: RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up

  1. I got a sample of 22.. Needless to say it was too dark for my skin, must try 11! I think my first full size product from RMS will be smile lip n cheek! I looove the color!

    1. I would think the 22 would be too dark for you, you seem much fairer than I πŸ™‚

      Did you like the formula overall though?


      1. For me I need a little more coverage! I was blessed with very dark circles. I do love the smell of RMS over any other! It’s rosemary for sure πŸ™‚

  2. Concealer is my holy grail product. I must have at least 10. I’ve had eye shadows since I was 5. This sounds lovely. My current favorite is benefit erase paste #2, comparable price, (not organic tho).
    It’s tricky to buy without trying first with concealer. I wish more naturals sold at retail nearby…

    1. Lucy,
      Since you are a concealer expert, you should try this! It looks like RMS is sold at James Corbett Studio at 32 Union Sq East and at Live Live at 261 E 10th St.

      Let me know if you find it! πŸ™‚

  3. That’s so funny, I’m in the market for a new concealer and just last week had a sample of this in my shopping cart on Nature of Beauty’s website, and then for some reason decided to hold off for now. So glad to read your review of it–I’ll have to try out #11 it looks like!

  4. I’ve sworn by this for a good six months now; I wear 11 and it’s a good match for my pale but not absolutely porcelain skin. I like the way it doesn’t look like obvious concealer, and it has been good for my dry under eye skin too.

    1. ITA, I think it’s fabulous for dry skin. It feels very hydrating. Love that I don’t need to prep with a special under-eye cream before using.


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