Nectar Essences Aromatic Sprays


Nectar Essences creates lovely aromatic sprays, handcrafted with 100 % natural essential oils and tinctures of flower essence. They are to be used on your skin, linens and throughout your home to promote a healthy environment. I have found them to be quite exceptional, and while technically they are not fragrances, their scent lingers gently on the skin for up to two hours, perfect for work or other “scent averse” situations. Each aromatic spray was designed for a purpose and the following three were the ones I tested: Sleep for relaxation, At Home for grounding and Balance to ease emotional ups and downs.

Spraying Sleep on my pillow, hair and neck has become an integral part of my nighttime ritual. Its soothing scent of lavender, neroli and jasmine is perfectly balanced. Jasmine’s lush and soothing essence is the most prominent of the three, but lavender gives Sleep an undeniably herbaceous quality and neroli enhances the sparkling citrus aspect of jasmine. Quite simply, it’s really beautiful and adds a relaxing and ceremonial touch to bedtime.

At Home is centered around silver fir, lemon petitgrain, jasmine and clove with silver fir and clove being the most dominant, but in a subtle way. At Home is not an overbearing pine scent, the fir/clove blend is fresh, rich, and woody with a spicy floral tone reminiscent of carnation. I’ve enjoyed using my At Home sample around the house as an air freshener and have found it grounding as the Nectar Essences literature suggests.

Balance is the gourmand of the collection as chocolate is its stand-out essence. It’s a rich and bittersweet chocolate with a little citrus from petitgrain, woods from cedar and a pinch of spice from nutmeg. I’ve been carrying Balance with me in my handbag, and spray it on my face and hands for a refreshing and delicious break from errands or work. It would also work well to shake up your evening’s routine since it’s a cozy fragrance that beckons for some cuddly downtime.

Nectar Essences Aromatic Sprays are available at the Nectar Essences website. $28 for 50mls.

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for consideration by Nectar Essences. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


9 thoughts on “Nectar Essences Aromatic Sprays

  1. You know, despite the fact that I know darn well I could mix up a potion myself with a quick trip for supplies, I appreciate there are folks who create and offer this kind of product. Because, the fact of the matter is, like any kind of crafting/creation, it takes time, the right materials, and the right eye/hand to make it nice.

    And the truth is, whether or not I am any good at potionmaking, I don’t always (hardly!) have time. And I love having the naturals around. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth! Sure it can be done at home, but these are so nicely blended, that it would take me way too much time to figure it out! LOL

  2. sleep sounds wonderful- I am also knocked out by any aromatherapy for sleep- I love it actually, you sleep so deeply and so well with some natural help

    balance also sounds very good for those days when you’re at home and just need to be but can feel restless

    1. Rose,
      I adore the scent of Sleep, but I also think that doing something with intention, like spritzing lavender and rose on your pillow sets the tone for a good night’s sleep.

    1. Warm and comforting it is! It’s pretty mild here right now, but anything cuddly sounds good this time of year no matter where you are 🙂


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