Serendipity Winner

The winner of Wing and a Prayer’s gorgeously rosy Serendipity is most appropriately, Rose! Rose has her own blog, A Rose Beyond the Thames and is one that I love to read for her musings on perfume, beauty, books and other worthy pursuits. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping me celebrate Scent Hive’s 2nd anniversary!

Image: Rose Girl at Obey Giant


3 thoughts on “Serendipity Winner

  1. HI Trish and “Rose”
    Thank you Trish for writing such a lovely review of my newest fragrance, Serendipity. Also Happy 2nd Annivewrsary!
    As you know I just love blending with rose oils, so this newest fragrance was a labor of love, very fitting for February.
    Also congrats to the winner of the Serendipity Give away, Rose! I also read her blog and love it too.
    Rose, I will be sending out your perfume this weekend.
    Fragrantly yours,
    A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes

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