In Fiore's Bois de Rose


After a long hiatus, I’ve started swimming again. I’m trying to remember why I stopped, and I think it had something to do with the arse-freezing water at the gym and not wanting to feel like I am gasping for air as I launch into my first lap. Our recent trip to Arizona rekindled my love of swimming as the hotel had a fantastic outdoor lap pool that made working-out blissful. I can’t say the pool at the gym is nearly as sublime, but the bone-chilling water has been remedied and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time in the pool.


The only downside is my terrifyingly dry skin. We’re talking seriously scaly which is not pretty to look at or touch. The product that came to mind above all others to cure my chlorine-induced dryness was the Body Balm by In Fiore. My last post was a review for In Fiore’s Lustra, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve written back to back reviews of products from the same company, but I can’t hold back because this has saved my skin.


In Fiore’s Body Balms are in a base of grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E. Sounds soothing but kind of simple right? Don’t let yourself be misled, as Julie Elliott, creator of In Fiore, has perfected their ratios which results in a luxuriously soft balm at room temperature that transforms into a sensual oil once it’s warmed onto your skin. Because the balm is thick, it takes about 5 minutes for the skin to completely absorb the oils, but less time is needed if you apply right after shower or bath. When I smooth this on liberally at night, morning arrives with no more dryness, just soft smooth skin and sheets that waft like a sachet.

There are six Body Balms in In Fiore’s permanent line, but my favorite is Bois de Rose and is exclusive to the In Fiore boutique in San Francisco. Bois de Rose falls into one of my prized fragrance categories, the woody floral. The rosewood in this balm is divine and melds into the Bulgarian rose absolute seamlessly. Both essences are exceptionally warm and a touch spicy, entangling themselves in a honeyed backdrop that is both soothing and sensual.

What makes Bois de Rose even more compelling is a substantial dose of vetiver which gives an earthy and tangy kick, creating the impression of oud as it commingles with rosewood. A minty green suggestion from geranium bolsters the richness of vetiver’s roots while simultaneously enhancing the smoothly harmonious floral rose absolute.

In Fiore’s products contain only the finest organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic ingredients, which heightens the luxuriousness of the balm and the lushness of its fragrance. I am so smitten with Bois de Rose (as well as Dayala) that I want to experience more of these balms. I’m thinking that a not-so-subtle Mother’s Day hint for the Body Balm Trio of Jolie, Shevanti and Tangiers is in order.


Bois de Rose is $95 for an 8oz jar. Please call the In Fiore boutique to order. 415-928-5661

Image by: Ignacio P. Camarlench, Una rosa,1894 at Wikimedia Commons


Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: Bois de Rose is a part of my personal collection. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


16 thoughts on “In Fiore's Bois de Rose

  1. Wow, this sounds just luscious! My skin gets like that in winter, I should get some of this so I can prevent the damage before it starts. Of course, the Bois de Rose “flavor” appeals to me the most too!

    1. D,
      It is supremely luscious!! You would love it. I wish I could give you a scoop of it right now!!


  2. Holymoly — rosewood, rose, vetiver, and geranium: some of my all-time most-beloved scents … and all together! I wish I could dive into the jar!

    1. Lisa, I know right? With a list of yummy scents like that, who wouldn’t want to dive right in? 😉

  3. Ah, Julie, she is a master! I adore her products. I’ve sampled almost all her body balms but not this one, darn.
    May the Mothers Day fairies hear your wish. xo

    1. R,
      You and I have spoken in the past about how much we love In Fiore, and in fact you were the one who raved about Lustra so I just had to have it! 🙂
      Maybe the Mother’s Day fairies will grant you a jar of Bois de Rose?

  4. the beginning of your review made me laugh! i love in fiore too but this is the one balm i haven’t tried and now must. i personally love the ease of application-love oils but they can be so messy. alder & co. in downtown portland carries some of the line (facial care & perfume solids only though-at least when i was last there). have a good day!

    1. Thanks for the tip Joy! Alder and Co is right by Gruner right? I have been in there once, and either missed the In Fiore or they didn’t have it at the time. I will have to go back and check out their selection. 🙂

  5. This sounds really gorgeous! I have In Fiore’s Dayala and I love it! I also have her travel kit and the face oils are wonderful, beautifully scented and rich. Thanks, Trish!
    XOXO~Laurie Stern

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I love that you have Dayala! I would imagine that its juicy jasmine speaks to you nicely 😉
      And yes, her facial oils are amazing as well. I have the travel pack of them and they are all lovely.


  6. Thank you so much for this review! I started swimming again about a month ago as part of my triathlon training. My skin has been suffering for it! I was thrilled to read this and have ordered a jar. It should arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to try it and have some relief!

    1. Julia,
      That is fantastic that you are training for a triathlon! I am just beginning to consider an “aquaterra” event this summer. 2K swim and 8K run….we shall see!

      Let me know if your skin enjoys the In Fiore Body Balm 😉

  7. I get terrible dry skin from swimming and showers too actually- I’m slightly allergic to highly chlorinated water and have been through all kinds of creams to help. I’ve worked out moisturising before you get in the water really helps- top tip! and otherwise natural, rich products

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