Roxana Villa's GreenWitch, the solid presentation

When Roxana Villa, creator of Roxana Illuminated Perfume, launched GreenWitch last spring I sang its praises among a choir of rejoicing bloggers. We were thrilled for this green chypre filled with the stuff of vintage perfume like oakmoss, patchouli, galbanum, and vetiver. I appreciated it so much that I put it in my Best Perfumes of 2010 post. This spring, Roxana has given us another presentation of GreenWitch which is slightly different from the liquid, but just as compelling.

Galbanum and oakmoss form the foundations of both GreenWitch formulations, but in the solid perfume, galbanum steps up as the dominant of the two. Galbanum is an aromatic resin of theย Ferula galbaniflua found abundantly in Iranย and gives perfumes a very classic, green scent. When I had the opportunity to smell galbanum resin on its own, I found it grassy and bitter, but with an herbal woodiness that I was drawn to and didn’t want to stop sniffing. Such is the case with the GreenWitch solid, it expresses this green resin crisply and authentically.

Apparently, galbanum can be challenging to work with as articulated by Mandy Aftel and Liz Zorn in their exchanges on Nathan Branch’s blog, Letters to a Fellow Perfumer: ep. 1 and ep. 2. Their conversation is very interesting but the part that really grabbed me was Mandy’s description of galbanum as a “green razor.” After spending a good amount of time with GreenWitch, it seems that Roxana chose not to dull the green razor, but rather exploit its verdant quality by blending it with other strong notes and complex accords.

In its solid form, GreenWitch plays more with the citrusy notes than its liquid counterpart. Petitgrain and bergamot share their sparkle and radiance amongst the fern and faux musk accords. It would have been hard for me to believe that something could actually be greener than the original GrrenWitch, but I think the solid actually is. I don’t know if it’s something in the beeswax base, but the galbanum is amplified in all its green glory! The liquid by contrast, and this is only in comparison to the solid, is more subdued and smooth. But there’s no denying that it too is intensely green.

I know chypres are not for everyone, but if you are a card carrying member of the chypre fan club, GreenWitch in either form is something you must experience. Also, if you would like to be entered in a drawing for a sample of the new GreenWitch solid, leave a comment! (Drawing is now closed). Please read more about Roxana’s vision and creation of GreenWitch at the following links: The Making of GreenWitch, and A Song for Spring.

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GreenWitch is available at Roxana’s etsy store. $28 for 5gm.

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39 thoughts on “Roxana Villa's GreenWitch, the solid presentation

  1. I’d love to be entered in the draw!
    I have had the chance to try a tiny sample of the liquid perfume and it’s a very interesting perfume. I had never smelt something like that. It’s weird but appealing.
    I would love to try the solid too, so I could compare both ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you!

    1. Now I see that I can’t be entered in the draw because I don’t live in US. Sorry! Good luck to everybody else! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I am so sorry about that Isa. I will be sending the package myself and I need to keep shipping costs down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. I sampled GreenWitch, when it first came out. I would love to try the solid.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Roxana Illuminated ever since you first introduced me to this company–sounds perfect for spring!! Thank you!

  4. I would love to experience the solid. I enjoy them so much and am drawn to those green notes.

  5. T, GreenWitch sounds like a must try. Thanks for offering another great giveaway. I would like to be entered in ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love Roxana’s solid perfumes and am glad there is finally a solid of Greenwitch! Please enter me in the draw.

  7. Tee hee, all of my perfume-loving friends are commenting within minutes of your post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like Scentual Soundtracks, I’ve been eyeing GreenWitch for months. I’d love to experience Roxana’s take on a green chypre. And how interesting that the solid is greener and sharper than the liquid. I would have expected the beeswax to tame galbanum’s green bite.

    Thank you, Trish and Roxanne for the draw!

  8. Mmmm, I’m incredibly intrigued by these descriptions of the scent (both solid and liquid versions) and I’d be thrilled to win a sample of GreenWitch! I adore most of the chypres I’ve encountered. Please enter me, too, and thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  9. I love Chypre and this scent sounds like it will smell wonderful. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for reviewing the GreenWitch solid. Please enter me in the draw. As a card-carrying lover of green chypres, I would love to win it!

  11. I would love to try this. I’ve been meaning to order samples of Roxana’s scents. Thanks!

  12. Trish, you and your fellow writers have outdone yourselves this time. The solid sounds absolutely lovely, and I am a fan of natural solids, nothing is more luxurious. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so precisely and beautifully.

  13. I’ve have not had the opportunity to have tried anything from this creator. Please enter me in the draw.

  14. Thank you everyone for taking the time to write such thoughtful comments. It was a long day at work, and it felt good to come home to such kind words. I’ll leave the drawing open a couple more days!!

    Lots of hugs to you all,

  15. Trish, it’s a joy and pleasure to create authentic natural perfumes for people like you and your readers. Deep heartfelt appreciation for your words and support. Wafting Galbanum in all her forms to you from my little apothecary in the woods.

  16. Chypres are soooo elegant – maybe more exposure to this scent type would inspire PEOPLE to bring back elegance to their lives!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Trish, I am a big Roxanne fan. I swear you can feel the love, passion, and artistry that goes into her scents when you wear them. A thoughtful, informative review as always.

  18. I have been looking for a new green perfume & would love to try Green Witch. Please enter me in the drawing. I absolutely love the name btw.

  19. I am still trying to figure out myself and chypres. I love some and do not love others, which are just as good to other people. I’d love to try some solid version of GreenWitch! (I love the name). Never really did a solid before.

  20. Chypre . . . with galbanum. Drooooooooool.

    Please enter me in the drawing – I’m dazzled.


  21. Very nice review, Trish! Interesting info on the galbanum too, it’s one of my favorite perfume notes. This was one of my top choices of 2010 as well. All hail the return of the true Chypre!

  22. This really sounds terrifically interesting and intriguing. I would love to try it.

  23. i would love to try this solid fragrance. i am especially curious about its lasting power. a solid would be great for me since i travel a lot for a living and like to smell wonderful! (:

  24. I would love to try this–
    any green scent is a scent that I want to know better!!

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