Kate Middleton and her muguet.

Here’s a little teaser for tomorrow’s post dedicated to my favorite spring flower, lily of the valley. I love that Kate Middleton, now officially Princess Catherine, filled her wedding bouquet with its beauty.


Wedding Bouquet pic from The Guardian.


6 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and her muguet.

    1. It is such a sweet and pretty bouquet isn’t it?
      Can’t wait to share my May Day post tomorrow 😉

  1. So pretty.
    I wanted to carry a bouquet of lily of the valleys in my wedding, long ago on a blue moon in November. They weren’t in season, but could have been shipped to me for a mere 800.00.
    I went with roses instead 🙂
    I love that the little coral bells are just beginning to open in my garden here in the pacific northwest. They are enchanting.
    Happy Spring!

    1. I too wanted lily of the valley for my bouquet, but that wasn’t happening in August here! I still loved my wedding flowers, filled with the abundance of locally grown summer flowers.

    1. Her dress was so gorgeous! I loved how it recalled Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, but also was very current. She looked amazing!

      Can’t wait for you to read about tomorrow’s special perfumes 🙂


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