May Day Muguet with DSH Perfumes


Oh how I adore lily of the valley! Everything about this little gem of a flower warms my heart from its precariously slim stem that secures its white blossoming bells, to its heavenly scent that beckons you to get low to the ground in order to sniff its fragrance. And while there’s nothing like experiencing a flower’s scent in one’s own garden, I have been on the hunt for a muguet perfume that fills me with a similar warmth.

Of course there are many, many conventional muguets available that provide lovely renditions of this flower. Caron’s Muguet du Bonheur, Dior’s Diorissimo, and Guerlain Muguet come to mind, but my penchant for all natural perfumes leaves me with very few options since this flower’s essence is very difficult to obtain, and when it is successfully extracted it is highly volatile making it near impossible to use in perfume.

Knowing this, I figured it would take a substantial amount of time and effort to create an all natural muguet perfume, so I was reluctant to “commission” one for a May Day blogging event. When I finally mustered up the nerve to ask Dawn Spencer Hurwitz if she would be interested in participating in such an event, I was elated when she said yes. Then, a few months later I was floored when she informed me that she was creating not one but two muguet fragrances as well as original artwork inspired by her process.

Dawn’s inspiration for Muguet de Mai and Muguet Cologne was the impressionistic vision of lilies of the valley blooming in a dewy garden, bathing in May’s sunlight and being refreshed by rich damp soil. Let me say that I am a huge DSH Perfumes fan. I have so many loves from this line and knew that Dawn would create something really wonderful for May Day. But I was truly astonished at how brilliantly she composed her muguets as they are closer to the real thing than any other muguet perfume I have experienced.

In her creation of Muguet de Mai specifically, she wanted to pay homage to the classics like Diorissimo and Muguet des Bois by Coty. Not only has she paid them sufficient homage, she has outdone them in her approximation of lily of the valley and with only botanicals as her palette. DSH’s Muguet de Mai is lush and vibrantly green with an earth-toned muskiness that grounds its opulent floral notes. Dawn’s own botanical accords of freesia, hyacinth, cyclamen and lilac fuse together seamlessly to bring forth a muguet likeness. Bergamot, lemon, and neroli provide the opening veil of citrus that one finds in fresh lily of the valley which then moves into the richly floral heart of the aforementioned accords as well as sambac jasmine, rose otto and ylang ylang. A touch of honey from linden and beeswax gives it warmth and sweetness while aged East Indian sandalwood, frankincense and benzoin allow the perfume to rest on a vintage foundation.

There are moments when I can actually smell these essences as individual notes, but they’re fleeting, as it should be. The experience of Muguet de Mai is not about singular characteristics, but that of a seamless and harmonious blend of complex botanical accords and notes that is redolent of a garden chock full of lillies of the valley. Muguet Cologne achieves this same effect, but with an even stronger nod to the earth’s rich soil and to the woods that might surround this garden.

Muguet Cologne shares many notes with Muguet de Mai like galbanum, and violet leaf, but there are distinct differences between them. Muguet Cologne is less floral and more earthy. A couple of the floral accords are replaced by coriander, vetiver, patchouli and oakmoss which provide men the opportunity to enjoy a muguet fragrance. Having said that, this is not overtly masculine and women will certainly savor its woody-ambery character.

I am really smitten with Muguet Cologne‘s vetiver beginning. It’s got a green and nutty bite that I so enjoy from vetiver. It offers a vibrant opening which leads right into its core of muguet’s blossoming bells. Its heart doesn’t have the same Β floral intensity of Muguet de Mai, though. It’s more of a muguet suggestion, like woodland air wafting the scent of the flowers.

While I am crazy for Muguet Cologne‘s topnotes, it’s the drydown that really has me under its spell. The patchouli and oakmoss are blended to perfection and compliment each other so well. Both are known to be strong and at times overbearing, but this diad melds the smoky green-musk of oakmoss and the rich sweet/spicy balsamic quality of patchouli into an alluring blend that compliments the floral muguet backdrop.

If it’s not completely apparent by now, yes, I am totally in love with both of these fragrances and give them my highest recommendation. The thing is though, they are extremely limited edition, (Muguet Cologne is now permanent) so be quick on your feet if you want some. The pricing and availability information is available now on the DSH Perfumes website.

I want to personally thank Dawn for her willingness to create these perfumes for this blogging event. I am humbled and completely blown away by what she has created. I also want to thank all of the participating bloggers (listed below) and hope you all will take the time to read their May Day Muguet thoughts.

DSH Notebook (This is Dawn’s blog and you will find all of her related artwork and even more information there regarding her creative process)


12 thoughts on “May Day Muguet with DSH Perfumes

  1. Trish, your appreciation for these fragrances really shines through! The description of the impression each one gives you is so enticing, I can’t imagine that any muguet lover would not immediately want to try them.

    That any perfumer would make the attempt to re- create the character of of this flower in a botanical blend is impressive; that fact that it’s DSH makes it even more exciting! And I think I want a very large version of that painting to hang on my wall. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Donna. I am glad my enthusiasm came through πŸ˜‰
      Both of these are definitely made for muguet lovers!
      Make sure you check out Dawn’s post for three other beautiful pieces of art from this project.


  2. Please chuckle at the fact yt has 5 LOV scents, from old Coty to Andy Tauer`s head-spinning newer-than-now lily, and I could NOT choose one to wear, so I whiffed instead!! πŸ™‚ Need a mini of DSH`s!!

    1. That’s a serious collection Linda! And yes, you do need a mini of both her muguets πŸ™‚

  3. Trish,
    My apologies for chiming in this late but I couldn’t let the day pass without thanking you so very much for your incredible enthusiasm, both for the perfumes and art but for the project from start to finish. πŸ™‚ As always, it was an immense pleasure working with you and being a part of your fragrant world!
    A lovely May Day to you and I have to confess that not another will past without my thinking of you. You have become my own “Persephone”!
    oxoxo, Dawn

    1. Dawn, you make my fragrant world a beautiful place πŸ™‚
      Thank *you* for creating such exquisite muguets for this day. You are amazing my dear!

      With gratitude,

  4. Sorry to be so late !
    ;No Internet access this w/e :(]
    Trish, thank you for this marvelous idea !
    I’m so grateful to be a [part, and share your wholehearted enthusiasm, dear one .
    Gorgeous writing.

    1. Thank you too Ida πŸ™‚ So glad you were a part of this, wouldn’t have been the same without you!

    1. She really has. Both are FBW, but I could only afford one so I’m going for the MdM. It’s in the mail and I can’t wait for it to be a part of my collection!


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