Lisa Eldridge’s Natural Makeup Tutorial

I was making my daily visit to The Non Blonde today and learned about Lisa Eldridge, a well-known makeup artist with a fabulous blog that includes very informative video tutorials. I was immediately intrigued by Ms. Eldridge as she looks like a cross between Parker Posey and Mary Louise Parker, has a soothing voice, and a no-nonsense approach to makeup. When I stumbled across her organic and natural makeup tutorial, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

She features one of my favorite blushes, Dr. Hauschka Rouge Powder Duo¬†and also introduced me to some new products I am now anxious to try, namely Lavera’s Natural Liquid Foundation, Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder and Dr. Hauschka’s Lavender Dreams Balancing Teint Powder. Sadly the Dr. Hauschka powder looks like it’s not available in the US which makes me want it even more!

I hope you find this honest and candid tutorial as helpful as I did.

Now that my blog is back on, I can’t embed videos anymore, so I will just have to supply you with the link to her video.


6 thoughts on “Lisa Eldridge’s Natural Makeup Tutorial

  1. Thanks for linking the video! This was so fun to watch. I love Lisa Edlridge and wasn’t aware she’d done a natural makeup tutorial. I do wish she’d explored some of the more fashion-forward all-natural brands, like RMS, Vapour, Primitive, Alima Pure, Kjaer Weis, and W3LL People–brands that are completely clean yet have a broader range of colors and textures, which she said natural makeup lacks. Also, Aveda (which she mentioned) and Korres (which she used) are not clean! Happily, there are many completely clean and natural brands which increasingly have good textures and great, fun colors. Nowadays, you can do most things with totally natural cosmetics that you can do with synthetics. (For example, I think it’s possible to get decently volumized lashes by using Jane Iredale’s lash primer beneath Lavera’s mascara; and I find Marie Veronique Organics’ tinted moisturizer/sunscreen has a decent (not too pink) color for my light skin (with a medium tint that can be mixed in to adjust the shade) plus excellent lasting power, which is often a problem with natural makeup). Anyway, sorry for going on! But I love this topic, and I’m so happy there are many great brands available for those of us who prefer 100% clean and natural skin care and cosmetics. I hope Lisa Edlridge explores these brands more and creates new videos on the topic. (By the way, I agree–that Dr Hauschka powder looks great, I hope it makes it across the ocean someday!)

    1. Hi Trish,

      Oh, do try the JI lash primer (or whatever it’s called)–it makes all the difference. Turns natural mascara into “real” mascara. And thanks for reminding me about NVEY Eco. They’re great: among other things, I have a blush from them I love, which I bought after reading your review! (The light peach/pink one.)

      Thanks for all your reviews of natural cosmetics, skin care, and perfumes–I’ve found many favorites thanks to you!

  2. Sam, thank you so much for chiming in! I love all of your observations and recommendations! I thought the same thing when she mentioned Aveda and while I think Korres is a smidge closer to all natural on the spectrum, you are correct, it is not 100% there. I too wish she would explore lines like Alima, NVEY Eco, and RMS as I think she would be pleasantly surprised!

    Thanks for mentioning the JI eyelash primer. That is going on my wishlist.

    And please do comment anytime!


  3. Great post, thank you! I’m just looking for an organic toning cream! I see Lavera products only in the internet shops there where I live, hope I’ll manage choose right colour ))

    1. I too wish the Lavera makeup products were more readily available in the states. I know Target has a limited selection, but nothing that she mentions in the video.

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