My recent Spirit Beauty Lounge splurge

Here’s a peek at my recent SpiritBeautyLounge order. Of course my favorite part of receiving an SBL package is the goodies inside, but I also love the entire presentation. The sweet pink tissue paper, the way in which each item has been carefully placed in the box, and the always generous samples make an SBL haul, a special haul.

I haven’t tried the Rahua hair samples yet, but you can be sure that lollipop went right into my mouth as I unearthed the Kahina Toning Mist that I’ve been wanting since I read Dain’s review as well as the Intelligent Nutrients Finishing Gloss that will replace my almost empty bottle.

I reviewed the IN Finishing Gloss last fall, and it’s back in heavy rotation this summer. I’ve taken to mixing a few pumps of the gloss with Weleda’s Rosemary Hair Oil and warming it all over my hands. I then run my fingers through my hair and pat the hair that frames my face to give it a little extra help tamping down the frizzies. A nice combing and an air drying gives me soft, pieced-out waves. Of course a great haircut also helps, but this method tames my thick, frizz-prone hair like nothing else.

In addition to my order, SBL included a Wild Rose Lip Balm by Phoenix Botanicals for me to sample for possible review, and I am so glad they did. I adore this little balm! Its cute design belies its 100% biodegradable packaging with sweet illustrations and a sturdy feel. I love how you pinch the bottom of the tube to access more balm which also makes it easy to use every last bit. The balm itself goes on smoothly and hydrates just as well as my holy grail of lip balms, Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick. The balm itself is a bit thinner than the Dr. H balm, but it feels supple and does the job.

As for the Kahina Toning Mist, I love it too. I would be hard pressed to do a more thorough job at reviewing the toner than Dain already has done, so please check out the above link to her blog, ARS Aromatica. Suffice to say, I am in full agreement with her rave review.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my fabulously efficacious Soapwalla Deodorant Cream! I wrote about this product last summer and am thrilled that SBL has included it in their offerings. It’s a simple, all natural deodorant that truly works.

Intelligent Nutrients Finishing Gloss is $29 for 1.7oz, Kahina Toning Mist is $36 for 1.6 oz, and the Phoenix Botanical Lip Balm is $6, Soapwalla Deodorant Cream is $10. All at



18 thoughts on “My recent Spirit Beauty Lounge splurge

  1. I just received my first Spirit Beauty Lounge’s package and came like yours, pink paper, a lollipop, my product (Vapour Atmosphere Soft Phocus Foundation) and some samples. I love the store because it has all the topo organic brands and I fell safe buying there with no fear to buy a product full of harmful ingredients.

    1. Hauls are the best aren’t they? 😉
      So I just checked out your blog…..very nice! Added you to my blogroll.


  2. I have such an addiction to Spirit Beauty Lounge. : ( I’ve got my eye on one of the Widu brushes…

    The Dr. Hauschka is my favorite lip balm as well. It seems to nourish the skin on your lips rather than coating them.

    1. Those brushes look amazing, I’ve bee curious about them for a while now.
      There’s nothing quite like the Dr. H balm. I love the smell, the texture, and completely agree that it is very nourishing. The Phoenix Botanicals balm is a nice alternative, but the Dr. H will always be my holy grail 😉

  3. Your blog is great, I love reading your posts! I included the Wild Rose Lip Balm by Phoenix Botanicals in my last SBL purchase a few weeks ago and can’t wait to receive it here in Rio (international orders usually take around 5 weeks to arrive in my country). The 100% biodegradable eco-tube idea is amazing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the balm. You’re a patient woman having to wait 5 weeks!

      1. Trish, my order arrived today (with lots of beautiful samples, as usual), which means it took only 2 weeks to get here! I still can’t believe this, because I’ve had to wait 4 weeks for all my previous US purchases, and even longer (around 6) for UK ones – I am a patient woman indeed! I completely agree with you regarding the Phoenix Botanicals balm, it is a really nice product with the most lovely packaging. It was also great to see that it can be used on the face as well.

        1. I’m so glad you got your package much sooner than expected! You were rewarded for patience 😉
          Glad you like the lip balm!


  4. I adore SBL and also the soapwalla deodorant! I just bought the IN hairspray from Nubo Nau and love it, so I’ll have to check out their finishing gloss!

    1. Hey Cori,
      I haven’t tried their hairspray, but I’m so glad you are liking it. I think IN makes really high quality products and I’m hoping to try even more!

  5. I’ve been using Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil after reading about it here..Nowadays- I pre-oil my hair with a bit of the oil- It is great! SPL sounds like a great place to shop. Will check it out!

    1. I’m so glad you gave the hair oil a try. I love it. I use it alone and mix it with other products and always am pleased with how it makes my hair feel. I have not done the pre-oil treatment yet, but I will now 🙂

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