What I found interesting this week (+ weekend)


I’m happy to have found some new blogs out there, or at least new to me. I love their witty and inspired writing.

Earlier this month, Scents of Self reviewed a perfume that will forever be in my precious category, Après L’ondée.

Another Perfume Blog shows serious editing chops by wielding some mighty red “ink” on Raymond Matt’s op-ed piece from The Perfume Magazine. I will be contributing to TPM from time to time, but was devilishly pleased to read this spot-on critique.

Reading fashion blogs feels like even more of a guilty pleasure than perfume blogs. Man Repeller is my newest bacon. I want these sparkly Brian Atwood pumps, but who am I kidding? Where would I wear them?

And now for my tried and true, go to blogs.

Somehow I missed Ayala’s exhaustive discussion on What is Natural? when she published her post in August. Visit her Smelly Blog for an education.

I was all set to blog about Alima’s newest eyeshadow collection, but Christy Coleman did a great job, so why reinvent the wheel?

Bois de Jasmin has me champing at the bit to try Prada Candy. How long will this be a Neiman’s exclusive?

I thoroughly enjoyed Victoria’s take on DSH Perfumes Pandora. We had a very similar experience with this modern chypre, but I loved her spin. Check it out at EauMG.net

Hope you all had a fragrant weekend!

Image: Juane at SilverRidgeStudio at etsy.


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