Dior (yes Dior) New World Purple Nail Polish

It may come as surprise to see a Dior nailpolish review here on Scent Hive, but is there really a “natural” nailpolish? I don’t think so. There are a few on the market that might be considered cleaner as they are waterbased. But their staying power is greatly lacking. I love Butter Londonย and Priti, two well known brands for being “Big 3 Free“, but so are most brands these days, and Dior is one of them.

I bought this after seeing Karla Sugar‘s post as the chocolatey purple color looked so gorgeous on her nails. I totally agree with her “kalamata olive” comparison and find that it reflects both bronze and steel in the light.

If my beauty blogging photos were up to Karla’s par, the above shot would be minus the smudge on the cap. Oh well, you get the idea.

All pics take by me. New World Purple was formerly known as Aztec Chocolate.


18 thoughts on “Dior (yes Dior) New World Purple Nail Polish

  1. What a pretty color! I actually just painted my nails a dark purple from Zoya thats shimmery but I love the metallic reflection on that one more. Leave it to Dior!

  2. LOL! You’re hysterical. I didn’t even notice the smudge on the cap–until you wrote about it!. I love the color, and your fingernails and toenails look perfect! x

  3. Love this color! I did not know Dior nail polishes are 3 free and I just went to Nordi’s to return one for a butter London polish. Good to know:)

  4. I really like that color for Fall! I like your assertion that most polishes are 3-Free nowadays because I think brands that tout that fact know that consumers really don’t know that most are. I really don’t see much of (if any) difference between “safer” solvent-based nail polishes and regular nail polish, besides the price.

    1. I could not agree with you more! I read somewhere that nail polishes have to be 3-Free to be sold in Europe, so that’s going to be a lot of department store brands I imagine.

  5. Great color! I use something slightly more reddish for my pedicures, almost year round – OPI Russian to a Party.

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