Butter London Come to Bed Red

Isn’t this such a pretty red? It’s not too warm or too cool, just a classic, gorgeous red. Unfortunately, the photo below is not an entirely accurate depiction of the color as the flash of the camera makes it look orangey, which is not the case. The shot of the bottle above is much more true to life. But, I wanted to include my toes in this post because it attests to the amazing longevity of Butter London’s polishes. I’m on day 13 of this pedicure, and it’s still going strong. I’m impressed.

Photos are mine.


12 thoughts on “Butter London Come to Bed Red

  1. Oh… me likey! I own Yummy Mummy, Lady Muck & No More Waity Katie. I don’t own a classic red, but this looks stunning!

  2. I love a classic true red. Amazing wear on that pedicure. On another note, that looks like an Ayala Moriel bottle in the background (right side) of the top pic — which scent?

  3. Gosh, I wish that MY Butter London nailpolish would wear that long….I have not had it for a pedicure yet, only a manicure, but it started chipping off my fingernails the very next day, and this was with a top coat!!!! I was discouraged and planned on never buying any again, but perhaps I will give it another try since you’ve had such good luck. The color of this red is absolute gorgeous!!

  4. Thanks to your review I purchased this nail polish. I tell you this color is gorgeous. I have it on since Thanksgiving that is five days today. My pedicure is beautiful and my manicure has not chipped yet. The top coat I used is by Anise.

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