Tauer Perfume's Cologne du Maghreb

A review of Andy Tauer’s work has been a long time coming on Scent Hive as he is a beloved artist in the indie perfume community. When I first smelled his Cologne du Maghreb last year, I was instantly smitten, but didn’t write about it as it was not available for sale. I am happy to report that Indiescents is now a stockist for Cologne du Maghreb, but according to Basenotes, it is only being produced in limited quantities.

In keeping with my current holiday-citrus theme, CdM is saturated with spirited bergamot and neroli. Unlike many short-lived citrus topnotes, CdM’s expand into the heart of the fragrance where you will also find sleek cedarwood that reveals itself subtly since neroli and orange blossom absolute have been breathed into its grain. CdM evolves into a woody floral at this point, having lost the sharpness of bergamot while still retaining the juicy essence of citrus.

I would have been completely happy and satisfied if that was all CdM had to offer, but am entirely thrilled that in the end, this classically styled cologne morphs into an amber fragrance replete with sweet yet animalic labdanum that still continues to be green and citrusy-floral. It’s really amazing and beautiful and appropriate for both men and women.

I love this quote from Basenote’s interview with Andy Tauer in regards to CdM being 100% natural. “Essential oils, absolutes, resins and love find their way into this Cologne. Not more, not less. There is no need for anything else.” He also mentions that the flacon for CdM is the one he used many years ago when he began his perfumery. “In a sense, I go back in time, celebrating my beginning with all natural, all botanical perfumery.” Let’s hope this new beginning brings more botanical creations to Andy’s ever expanding- and well deserved- legions of fans.

Andy Tauer’s Cologne du Maghreb is available exclusively at Indiescents. $65 for 50ml atomizer flacon.

Eldena Ruin by Caspar David Friedrich at artmagik.

Disclosure: A sample of CdM was provided to me by Tauer Perfumes. Opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


4 thoughts on “Tauer Perfume's Cologne du Maghreb

  1. I’m not really a cologne girl, but I do love the way you describe this, and the quote you’ve chosen from Andy. It sounds like this is a great work of love, and I’m glad it’s one you enjoy.

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