A Dozen Roses. A Valentine’s Day Blogging Event


Some of you may know that it’s been a year since my last post, and I have to thank Ayala of Ayala Moriel Parfums for asking me to take part in this Rose Blogging Event for Valentine’s Day, even though Scent Hive has been in a deep slumber. I needed someone to reach out and get me to dust off the old blog, so I really appreciate her kindness. I come to this post with a giddy sense of anticipation but admittedly with a bit of hesitation as well. I’m not sure if this means I will get back to blogging on the regular, or just every now and then, but I do know that I am excited to share this lovely, dozen full of roses with you all.

Rose Ginger Oolong Tea

Aftelier Rose Ginger Oolong Tea: What better way to set the mood for a feature on rose scented products than a warm cup of tea that has been blended with Turkish rose? Oolong tea has become a favorite of mine over the years as I find it wakes me up without the making me jittery and this one in particular has a smooth smokiness that is brightened by a judicious use of ginger and a dreamy perfuming of soft rose. A tin of this precious tea would be such a unique gift, but don’t forget to order one for yourself.

DSH Dirty Rose

DSH Perfumes Dirty Rose: As the name suggests, Dirty Rose is not a clean or pristine flower, but I’d wear it to high tea just to raise an eyebrow or two. It’s true that this rose has been tossed and turned through rich, fecund soil more than a few times. Its petals are less than virginal, as they’ve reached the point of full ripeness with slight decay at their edges. Oakmoss, oud and leather are the predominant notes to my nose, and applying Dirty Rose to my skin is like slipping on a weathered leather jacket that is suffused with rose and the scent of damp earth. (85% natural)


Ayala Moriel Parfums Tea Rose: While Dirty Rose is indeed an unkempt little thing, Tea Rose is a clean, rosy petal-musk that won’t make anyone blush. That’s not to say it’s boring or uptight. If you’re familiar with Ayala’s perfumes you know that’s never the case. But Tea Rose is redolent of bright and pretty roses (no dirt here), magnified by the fruitiness of osmanthus and cassis. Green tea adds depth and astringency, thereby grounding all of this lovely sweetness. And then of course there’s the musk, the vegetal musk of ambrette seed which permeates the first top note and the very last hint of the drydown. It’s a pale and delicate musk, but it’s undeniably there.

Bed of Roses

Velvet and Sweet Pea Bed of Roses: Laurie Stern, the creator of Bed of Roses, describes this perfume as “voluptuous” and voluptuous it is! It is made from nine rose distillations from all parts of the world in addition to other full-bodied florals like tuberose, boronia and orange blossom. Aged sandalwood and cognac are also present which bolster this bed’s foundation with a vintage richness, but it never gets too tangled up in the past as rose leaf absolute and green mandarin are also in the mix, asserting themselves with a fresh modernity. Since this is an all natural perfume you won’t find it booming with aldehydes, but it booms in its own way, with this many lush distillations, absolutes, and Laurie’s expert hand at the helm, there’s no way it couldn’t.

Rosa Solid

Roxana Illuminated Perfume Rosa: One of my dearest friends gave me Rosa as a birthday gift a few years back. It’s the solid perfume form of Rosa, housed in a vintage inspired compact which is nestled in a handmade pink crocheted pouch. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and think of her every time I wear this ambery rose. When I use the term amber, I mean it specifically in Roxana’s botanical context, which is laden with labdanum, benzoin, and mossy woods. The rose opening blooms within the perfume solid’s base of organic beeswax which radiates a pure warmth into the supple, leathery heart. Oud and vetiver, the foundations of Rosa’s base, complete this woodland rose walk, one that lasts for many hours.

Rose Face Elixir

Aftelier Rose Face Elixir: I’ve been using facial oils long enough now that after one look at the list of oils in Mandy Aftel’s Rose Face Elixir, I knew it would leave my skin nourished and glowing. You can take a peek at the full roster yourself, but a small sampling includes wildcrafted rose hip oil (which contains retinol and is loaded with vitamin c), organic camellia oil, and organic grapeseed oil. What I wasn’t expecting, was to be completely smitten by the scent. So much so that I want this in a body oil form, I want to spritz it as an EDP and I want to dab it gingerly as a parfum. Mandy’s perfumes are typically quite complex and multifaceted. A sign of a gifted artist to be sure. But her balanced and nuanced use of just three essences, rose, sandalwood and frankincense, seems to me to need just as much skill and talent as this triad hums with a stunningly relaxed beauty.

SIP Sage and Rose

Strange Invisible Perfumes Sage and Rose Body Lotion: I had a preconceived notion that the sage in this lotion might consume the rose, turning this into a predominantly herbal experience. I was wrong. The sage and rose instantaneously fuse together as it warms on the skin sharing their respective herbaceous and sweetly floral qualities. The overall scent is mild, but provides an excellent base for layering any one of the aforementioned perfumes, especially if you are interested in adding a hint of leafiness. As for its efficacy, the lightness of this lotion belies its powerhouse moisturizing capabilities. Organic sweet almond oil, wildcrafted avocado oil, and a host of other skin nourishing oils feel like velvet and leave your skin supple and beautifully scented.

Bois de Rose

In Fiore Bois de Rose Beauty Balm: If you’ve never experienced an In Fiore Beauty Balm, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Made of cold-pressed grapeseed oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax and vitamin e, the Body Balms are near solid at room temperature, but melt effortlessly into oil, soothing the thirstiest of skin. In Fiore offers many lovely fragrances from solid perfumes to oils to these balms, and Bois de Rose is my favorite because it’s a little different. I think it’s the vetiver that gives this woody floral an unexpected, chewy bite. The rose is pretty of course, and the rosewood is warm and familiar, but the vetiver adds a nutty-earthiness that I can taste in the back of my throat as I inhale its aroma. So it’s a little wild this Bois de Rose, but in an insouciant, sensual way. Perfect for your aprés bath, and pre-bedtime ritual.

Malie Beauty Oil

Malie Jasmine Rose Beauty Oil: Maile’s Beauty Oil is another rose centered oil that I love to use after a bath or shower. It soaks into the skin a little faster than In Fiore’s Body Balms, so I use this one more frequently. Everything about this Beauty Oil speaks of dewy softness to me. The blend of organic jasmine and organic rose oils are in perfect harmony. The petals are equally weighted and nearly weightless, gaining mass only from the morning’s mist off the ocean. Somewhat fresh and only mildly indolic, I will always have this skin elixir of organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic apricot kernel oil, and organic grapeseed oil as long as Maile makes it. Update: Yikes, I can’t find the Beauty Oil on the Malie website! Grab it while you can here

I’d like to wrap up with a “nosegay” of rose products that I have been using almost daily for the past 3+ years. Weleda’s Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash is perfect if you enjoy a luxuriously sudsy foaming wash on your scrunchie. Yet, I have found that its ideal use is as a shaving cream, and a shaving with a cream that smells like wild and musky rose mosqueta makes the task much more pleasant. Something I enjoy far more than shaving, is spritzing my face with a hydosol. I have many in my collection, but right now the one in heaviest rotation is Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Rose Water. I use it before my nightly facial moisturizer whether it be oil or cream, and I also spritz it onto my kabuki brush before applying powder foundation. Its rose scent is surprisingly rich and lingers longer than any other rose hydrosol I have used, which is good because it’s also the most expensive one I have used! I will end this post with a longtime love, Dr. Haushcka’s Rose Day Cream. Even though I have become partial to oils for nighttime facial moisturizing, I use this nightly as an eye cream and sometimes over my entire face when I want the comforting feeling of a cream on my dry skin. The scent is aromatic rose heaven, and it hydrates like a dream.

So there’s my dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. Please stop by the following blogs to see what these lovely ladies have procured for you.

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39 thoughts on “A Dozen Roses. A Valentine’s Day Blogging Event

    1. I love, love love anything from Roxanna’s Illuminated Perfume, but since the subject is roses, her “Rosa” is a dream both to wear and to give as a gift. Try it and see if you don’t agree that it’s heavenly.

  1. So many I am unfamiliar with! I should note them down, they sound fetching.
    I never really loved the Dr.Hauschka rose cream, something about both its texture and scent rubbed me the wrong way; can’t put my finger on it. I know it’s cult, but…
    Happy to read your thoughts once again! Take your time and do grace us when you feel like it.

    1. Thanks for the warm “welcome back” E 🙂

      I understand your experience with the Dr. H Rose Day Cream, it is a bit peculiar and can go either way for people. Off to read your rose picks my dear!


    1. I’ve been here, just taking a break as we remodeled our house (you can see pics if you hit the pinterest link at the left), working and spending time with the family. Thanks for coming back to read!

  2. So happy to see a post again from you! As always, your post is written beautifully and makes each product sound enticing!

  3. I’m thrilled to see you writing again Trish, and thanks so much for the rosy double honor of choosing both my Tea and my Face Elixir among your other terrific selections!
    xo Mandy

  4. Great article and welcome back, Trish.
    Remember A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes
    also has beautiful Rosé Perfumes too;
    Like Wild Rose and Filoli Rose. Take care and so happy you are back. Jane

  5. What a lovely bunch of blooms – welcome back to blogland, from a new gentleman on the scene about to make his formal debut on St Valentine’s day no less…
    I feel that the rose is a deeply unisex scent, so would put my hat in the ring with the suggestion of the magnificent Oud Ispahan from the Dior Couturier collection, Once the heavy wooden note has subsided a beautiful Damascene rose is revealed for all to see.
    Happy St Valentine’s from a Dandy and welcome back once more.
    Yours Ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Thanks so much Mr. Dandy! Looking forward to checking out your blog and your Valentine’s Day post. I have yet to explore the Dior Couturier collection, but I would love to! Maybe when I’m in SF this Spring, I would imagine it is there somewhere.

  6. Trish, so nice to read a post from you again! I would check back periodically to see if you had posted :). For “naturals” I really like Ayala’s Song of Songs body oil and Jurlique Rosewater spray.

  7. Trish, a very warm welcome back to the blogging sphere, so great to be part of this event with you! Many thanks for including Rosa solid here and sharing the sweet, heartfelt message that accompanies the compact. I love how it is embedded with such a sweet sentiment.

    I can’t wait to experience Bois de Rose when I go up to SF next month!

    1. It was such a surprise to get Rosa as a gift! I was very touched.

      You’ll have to let me know how you like Bois de Rose. Every time I use In Fiore’s Lustra I think of you…what a luxurious facial treat that is!

  8. So many great ideas of new things to try! I also included Weleda’s Wild Rose body wash in my list – it’s a daily delight, isn’t it? And I love Aftelier’s rose face oil, too.

    1. Katie, I just got back from reading your fabulous post and I see that you have a bent towards luxurious natural body products too! I think you would love In Fiore’s Body Balms. Bois de Rose is wonderful for that rose fix of course, but for a sexy jasmine, give Dayala a gander.

  9. Welcome back, Trish! It’s wonderful to see you writing again.
    I’m taking notes here– the products I’m familiar with from your list are marvelous, so I absolutely have to check the other ones, especially In Fiore.

  10. Agree about Roxana’s Rosa. So many scents go sweet on me but with her use of lower notes with the rose it brings a warmth and base note that I can’t find with other rose scents.

  11. Your post is such a perfect treat for Valentine’s Day, and welcome back! I have to agree about Roxana’s Rosa too! Her scent feels like a bit of warm June sun on my wrist in the middle of winter.

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