Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil Review (and a bit about the remodel)

Michael Carson

My blogging break was due in large part to the all consuming nature of our house remodel. We had to move out of our home for the entirety of the process so I chose about five or six perfumes to take with me for what I thought was going to be four months of nomadic life around Portland. It was six. But I did something counterintuitive to most perfume lovers, at least it was counterintuitive to me. I didn’t wear my selected perfumes. Actually, I didn’t wear any perfume at all.

As it turned out, I wasn’t much interested in fragrance, and it didn’t take me long to figure out why. Although the stress of a remodel is a good stress to have, it does take a toll and it only gets worse as the days and months drag on…and on. I was protecting myself from associating any of my beloved perfumes with such an emotionally fraught time, and I am so glad I did. Which brings me to my review.

ClarinsI began using Clarins’ Santal Face Treatment Oil when we first moved out of our house. We were staying at our friends’ beautiful home while they were in Bali for the month of February and our transition was smooth and relatively painless. I used the facial oil at night religiously and found comfort in its sandalwood-cardamom blend which is quite relaxing. Lavender is present as well, but very subtly, which not only enhances its relaxation effects but also adds a bright herbaceous quality which is very lovely.

Clarins Santal Face Oil was my first experience with hazelnut oil as a moisturizer and I was thoroughly pleased with its performance. I started using this 100% natural oil in the winter and continued through the summer and found it well-suited to both warm and cold months. It nourished my skin effectively in the winter and never felt too heavy in the summer. Bottom line, I loved it!

Regrettably, I can’t use it any more. The last few months of dealing with our remodel, compounded by moving from different house to different house became (what’s another word for stressful?) oh yes, nearly unbearable. As a result, what used to be the very relaxing scent of Clarins Santal Face Oil is now a reminder of that exasperating period. I know that over time, the memory will fade and I will be able to enjoy that nightly ritual again. And I do look forward to it.

Painting by Michael Carson 

The Non Blonde’s Review of Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil

I purchased my bottles from $50 for 1oz

12 thoughts on “Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil Review (and a bit about the remodel)

  1. Happy you are back in your newly remodeled home and back blogging! I use a few Clarins products, and have always wanted to try this oil.Your lovely review tempts me to do just that. I do hope you can revisit it after the sting of it’s association wears off. Have you found a new oil to use?

  2. Off topic — Roxana Illuminated’s Vera. Reread your review, as I just made a purchase from her etsy shop, and she enclosed a sample of Vera solid. It’s so beautiful!
    I’m in heaven, sniffing Chiaroscuro, Hedera Helix and that precious little sample of Vera.

      1. Oh, I treated myself to the full size of Hedera Helix. It’s my current favorite, and I would have never known about her if it weren’t for this blog. So thank you, thank you!

  3. I’m so relieved for you that the remodel is over, and so glad for us that you are back. Are you feeling like you are truly recovered from the stress, or will that take more time? I think for me it sometimes takes a few months of homeostasis to truly feel like I’ve recovered from a stressful time.

    Thanks for the tip on Clarins. I’ve been looking into various face oils and planning to try one when my current supply of moisturizers runs out.

    1. Oh yes, fully recovered! Thank you for asking. And thankfully it’s been a mild winter here in the NW and it seems like Spring is soon upon us as the blossoms have already started to make an appearance.

      Definitely give the Clarins a try, it’s so lovely. I think after a few months respite from it I will be able to enjoy it once again.


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