Pacific Forest and Komorebi. New natural perfumes that make the forest come alive

mount hood

Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studios has a lovely collection of *natural perfumes. Cocoa Sandalwood continues to be one of my favorite sandalwood fragrances, and in fact, turned me into a full fledged sandalwood lover. Laurie’s latest from her Naturals line also revolves around wood, but this time it’s a woodland theme, the Pacific Forest. Hiking in the Pacific Northwest is truly an exceptional experience. It’s very calming to inhale the fresh air filled with the aromas of majestic pine, spruce and fir trees. To witness this beauty and breathe in the perfumed air is relaxing and awe inspiring. Laurie has captured this sense of restful wonder that is the Pacific Forest. Although the piney forest scent is most prominent in her Pacific Forest perfume, its amber base of labdanum and vanilla allows for a  gentle backdrop, made a bit sweeter by heliotrope and violet. An earthiness is present too, as patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood fuse to create the scent of the forest ground being shuffled by one’s feet. Pacific Forest is an ideal feel-good fragrance for the cold days and nights that lie ahead.

*The Sonoma Scent Studios’ Naturals are all natural, except for Pacific Forest which is 99% all natural. There are no phthalates in Laurie’s perfumes. You can read more about the notes in Pacific Forest here. It is available at Sonoma Scent Studios in 17ml ($64),  5ml ($25),  3ml ($15) , and 1 ml samples ($6).

Forest pefumes

Ayala Moriel’s Komorebi, was inspired by a specific place, the Cathedral trail in Xwayxway, the Coast Salish name for Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. Its name, Komorebi, is a Japanese word that according to Ayala, “is a special word for the interplay of light and leaves, which includes the sunbeams one would observe coming through the trees and shedding light on the vapour they exhale; as well as the dappled-gold forest floor, a vision that is shifting yet constant, as long as the sun is there.”

Because Komorebi was formulated to replicate the scent of sunlight warming the earth and trees, it’s appropriate that oakmoss has such a strong presence in this perfume. Ayala mentions feeling that Komorebi is a “pacific chypre”, and I could not agree more. When wearing this, I can sense the moss flourishing in the sun under its ambery glow. As in Pacific Forest, Komorebi has plenty of woods like Red Cedar and Douglas fir, but it truly is a chypre with a healthy dose of gorgeous patchouli, so if you love this genre of perfume, you must try it!


Both perfumes are beautiful renditions of the forest, and I would say give Pacific Forest a go if something a little more subtle and cozy feels good. But if you like your chypres, you need a little Komorebi in your life.

Komorebi is available at 15ml ($120) or 4ml ($48).


Photo of Mt Hood and samples are mine. Komorebi image from

Disclosure: Samples of these fragrances were sent to me by Ayala and Laurie. All opinions are my own as per usual.


6 thoughts on “Pacific Forest and Komorebi. New natural perfumes that make the forest come alive

  1. Absolutely outstanding reviews of both perfumes! I’m off to order Pacific Forest and another bottle of Cocoa Sandalwood, which I adore. Thank you!

    1. You are too sweet Margaret! I’m so happy to hear that you love Cocoa Sandalwood as much as I do, and I think you will adore Pacific Forest as well. I love that Laurie makes smaller sizes available for us to give them a chance before buying a large bottle 🙂

  2. Oh my – I love the meaning of Komorebi and as a chypre it is right up my alley. Her Musk Malabi is the other one calling my name.

    I must explore Laurie’s Naturals line as well.
    Thanks for the reviews Trish!

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