Voyage by Hiram Green

Hiram Green is an all natural perfumer based in the Netherlands whose newest creation, Voyage, harkens back to vintage perfumes while maintaining a modern sensibility. The opening is the most classic part of Voyage’s journey with an almost aldehydic citrusy rush that belies what is to come. The evolution begins quickly and I get a sense of jasmine and sandalwood commingling with spices that might be cardamom and coriander. None of these notes are mentioned as having been used in Voyage, but this strikes me as a floriental perfume with tropical leanings.


I just came back from a long vacation in Hawaii, where the scents of plumeria, pikake, ginger, and gardenia are in abundance. As Voyage settles into its heart, this is where my mind travels to, the air of the Hawaiian islands peppered tenderly with exotic spices and a discreet touch of patchouli.

As much as I relish this tropical heart, it’s the base that completely won me over. Hiram has either used a very special vanilla, or has relied on his mastery of perfumery (probably both) because it is so uniquely soft and silken. The floriental aspect of Voyage recedes in the drydown, and the honeyed vanilla shines and comforts, but never loses its balmy-floral quality. In sum, this stunning botanical perfume is sumptuous. Sultry and quite complex in its development with impressive sillage and lasting power. I highly recommend this to anyone with a penchant for vintage or tropical floriental perfumes, or lovers of all natural perfumes looking for a new adventure.


Voyage is limited edition (only 250 bottles were produced) and is available at ($165 for 50ml)

Image of Voyage is from Image of Pikake is from Image of Voyage sample is mine.

Disclosure: Hiram Green sent me this sample of Voyage for consideration. Like always, the opinions expressed in this review are mine.

3 thoughts on “Voyage by Hiram Green

  1. That sounds lovely! I love tropical florals, especially if thay have some vanilla in the base, for spring so maybe I’ll seek out a sample come warmer seasons. I have a sample of Hiram Green’s Moon Bloom somewhere that I need to give a proper wearing too… Didn’t know this was a all natural house!

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