Satori Perfume Oil by Lina Hanson

Travels to the Far East inspired Lina Hanson to create Satori. Notes of yuzu, ginger, and sandalwood were chosen to evoke the landscape and culture of China, Japan and Thailand. While I have never travelled to these countries, Satori feels as relaxing and restorative as a Japanese Garden. (If you ever come to Portland, you must visit our traditional and gorgeous Japanese Garden). Yuzu is one of my favorite uplifting, citrusy scents so I was anxious to try this immediately after opening the package Lina Hanson sent. Yuzu is a lot like grapefruit essential oil, with a similar sharpness, but also has the vaguely spicy quality of bergamot. I think it was a brilliant choice to pair yuzu with ginger, since ginger too is spicy resulting in a piquant citrus aroma.

Even though Satori is bright and fresh, Lina also integrated vanilla which is consistent throughout its wear time. This allows for a smooth, nougat-like quality that smells heavenly with the yuzu and ginger. You might be wondering about the sandalwood I mentioned. Well, the best was saved for last. It’s in the drydown that the sandalwood becomes apparent, and blends seamlessly with both the smoothness of the vanilla and the spiciness of ginger.

Satori 1

Satori is one of those fragrances that I could wear day after day, winter or summer, and only grow more fond of it. It would be easy to relegate this perfume to summer since it does have such a strong citrus presence, but the sandalwood and milky vanilla make it a scent to snuggle up with during chilly weather.

As you can see from the photo above, the bottle is an adorable roller-ball and is easy to pack or keep in your bag. I have carried this with me since the day it arrived at my door, and I have no doubt this will become a perennial favorite. Satori is a 100% all natural perfume as is Lina’s line of Global Serums.

Satori is available at The Detox Market and well as 8ml roller bottle for $105.

Disclosure: Satori was sent to me by Lina Hanson for review. All opinions in this review and all of my reviews are solely my own. This post does contain affiliate links. Please see my About page for more information. 




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