Celebrating Seven Years and a Beauty Box Giveaway

I posted my first Scent Hive review seven years ago, and am so thrilled to be back sharing my favorite all natural perfumes and green beauty finds with you all.  As some of you know, I took a very extended break from blogging, and wasn’t sure if I would return. The time away from writing was much needed, as I have come back to Scent Hive with a renewed sense of delight and wonder, as well as an even stronger commitment to using all natural products for myself, my family and in my home. I still stand by what I say on my About page as I will never be a total purist and I believe firmly in balance rather than extremes. Having said that, I will always dig deep into ingredient lists, make conscious choices regarding my purchases, and inform you as to what I have learned and what I am loving.

As a thank you for either sticking out these past seven years with me (or for newly following Scent Hive) I have put together a fabulous beauty box giveaway, filled with perfume, makeup, skincare and body care. (Not to mention a delicious bar of chocolate from Woodblock Chocolate made here in Portland, OR!) Read on for entry details, the list of the goodies, and some photos.

To enter, simply follow me on Instagram, and leave a comment here with your Instagram handle and let me know what item from the box you are most excited about! You get an extra entry if you tag a friend over on Instagram (look for the picture of the box in my feed). Winner will be announced on Instagram on 2/15/16. International entries welcome. Drawing now closed. Congrats to @cleansthenewblack!

Giveaway makeup

-Silk Naturals Greatest Hits eyeshadow “palette” (Full sized jars)
  Cutie Pie- light nude Suede (not quite matte) with pink highlights
  Miss You- light grey Suede 
  Cameo- medium pink matte
  Focus- deep taupe
  Tru Luv- pinkish brown Suede
  Selenium- deep aqua matte
-Living Nature Bliss Balm. (Full size)
-Kjaer Weis Cream Blush sample in Lovely 
Giveaway body care

-Kula Herbs Lemongrass Sage and Oatmeal soap (full size)

-Kahina Giving Beauty Beldi soap sample

-Persephenie Jade Camellia Organic Body Balm sample

-Rachel’s Plan Bee body oil sample 

Giveaway perfume

-Florescent sample set (includes Sundays, Gateaux, and Pretty Bird)

-Aftelier Vanilla Smoke perfume sample

GIveaway face care

-Rachel’s Plan Bee facial oil mini

-Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask sample (+ a few surprise Tata samples)

Thanks for reading and good luck!


60 thoughts on “Celebrating Seven Years and a Beauty Box Giveaway

  1. I’m 7 years late, but better late than never! Again, I’m so thankful to have discovered you on Instagram and love everything you stand for, especially the bit about not being a purist and believing in balance. Have a fabulous week! I love the sentiment of a giveaway, but as I already have enough, I hope this goes to another lucky person. Have a great day, Trish! Xx

  2. Already following on Insta 🙂 (@laura_buckman). I’m a new reader, but really enjoying your insights and resources. I too am a mostly-green-but-not-always beauty lover. I’ve just run out of my usual tinted lip balm (Hurraw “Black Cherry”) so I’d love to try the Living Nature balm.

  3. IG: ablackm2
    I’m glad I’ve found your instagram and blog! I love finding natural or green beauty users. I haven’t heard of Kula Herbs before but after checking their site I’m impressed, so thanks for the introduction. This is a great set of products for a giveaway, I especially love the silk natural shadows 🙂

  4. Yum! I’m @ateliervivat on Instagram
    Excited about it all but as I’ve yet to sample Aftel’s VanillaSmoke that’s where my eyes got bigger. Thanks for coming back to blogging & glad you know when to take a break for yourself.

  5. Congratulations lovely lady on celebrating 7 years! Hoping that the next 7 years are as fruitful and delicious smelling!
    Warm regards,

  6. Already following you on Instragram and my handle is @lalunnaturals. Glad you’re back in the saddle; I haven’t forgotten, just S-L-O-W! Everything in your beauty box is so tempting, but I’m keen on trying Beldi soap or that tub of green stuff. Thank you for the draw!

  7. I’m so excited to have found you! Your reviews are beautiful & whimsical. I feel like I can smell your words right through the computer! The entire giveaway box looks amazing, but I am most intrigued by Persephenie Jade Camellia Organic Body Balm sample. Although as a natural perfumer, the Aftelier Vanilla Smoke perfume is something I’ve been wanting to try forever. (Is it ok to be excited about everything in the box? Haha)

    This is the loveliest giveaway, Trish. Thank you so much for what you do! I’ll be sure and spread the word amongst my scent-loving friends. 🙂

    IG – @ourexoskeletons

  8. yay! thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂 my name on IG is kelynnma816, I think the most exciting is the Silk Naturals Greatest Hits eyeshadow palette! I love the colors!

  9. Hello there! 🙂 I just found out about your shop today on Instagram and you have gained a follower! My username is dulcetiridescence. 🙂
    I have been searching high and low for more natural beauty products, especially more natural perfumes, which aren’t commonly available where I am from. I’m grateful to have chanced upon your shop on Instagram! 😍 The product I would be most thrilled to receive is the Vanilla Smoke perfume. I adore the scent of vanilla and I think it’s simply divine! 😊

    1. I’m so glad you found my blog! I’m not a shop as I don’t sell anything, but I do reviews of natural perfumes and beauty products. Thanks for the follow and good luck in the giveaway!!

  10. Hi Trish, and thanks for letting me enter the drawing this way, without Instagram. I love Tata Harper, so I would love to try the resurfacing mask. But I also would love a sample of Vanilla smoke. 🙂

  11. 7 years!! and you’re still doing an awesome job ❤ Congratulations
    AND such a wonderful giveaway! 😀 I don't have IG so it doesn't matter if you don't add me.
    Just wanted to say
    Keep on doing what you do ❤

  12. Following you on Instagram avosslm I am most excited about the Kula Herbs Lemongrass Sage and Oatmeal soap, it sounds wonderful.

  13. I am excited to try Rachel’s Plan B Body Oil and all the Silk Naturals Eyeshadows! Instagram handle is consciously.clean. Congrats on 7 years! I just started a week ago so it’s exciting to see you still loving it after so long 🙂

  14. @sophiaanderson163
    I would love to try the Kula Herbs Lemongrass Sage and Oatmeal soap! The fact that it is handcrafted is always a plus for me. 🙂

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