All Natural Soaps and Bath Bombs by Body HI

It was a sad day leaving Maui after such a gloriously sun soaked vacation there this past December, but on our way to the airport  I made a dash into a little gourmet market as we made one last pit stop. There, I found these beautiful handmade soaps on display, and decided to bring their aloha home with me. Rosemary and Sweet Orange Castile Soap with French Gray Salt, and Soothing Lavender with Buttermilk caught my eye and I am so glad I bought them. They are some of the best soaps I have ever used. But before I start in on how wonderful they smell and what a lovely lather they create, I would like to say that they are just so cute! Each bar comes in its own pouch and a card that provides a list of ingredients. (Everything is 100% natural!)

In addition to my cheer-me-up purchase, I was also able to try the Coconut Rose Soap and the Coconut Rose Bath Bomb. Olive Cadwell, the creator of Body HI, very generously sent them my way for review after we exchanged some missives on social media, and I fell in love with both. If rose geranium is a scent you are drawn to, then you will not be disappointed by her coconut rose line. The coconut in question is organic extra virgin coconut oil, which lends its hydrating properties, but not so much its scent. It’s the rose geranium that really shines in the soap and especially the bath bomb. Once the bath bomb fizzes and dissolves into your bath, you are treated to silky water that smells incredible and organic rose petals floating in the tub. It’s a truly luxuriant and relaxing bathing experience.

Body HI

As I started to mention above, the bar soaps are terrific and I highly recommend them! Each one has its own enchanting and distinct scent, and you will enjoy getting clean with these gentle, effective and lovely soaps. You might even want to stock up so you have a few on hand as gifts. Please pop on over to the Body HI esty shop and see what catches your eye.

Coconut Rose Soap ($9), Coconut Rose Bath Bomb ($5.95), Soothing Lavender Soap ($9), and Rosemary and Sweet Orange Soap ($3.50) are all made in Kihei, Hawaii.

Disclosure: Coconut Rose bar soap and Coconut Rose bath bomb were sent to me by Body HI for consideration. All opinions are 100% my own. 

2 thoughts on “All Natural Soaps and Bath Bombs by Body HI

  1. I love how you chanced upon this store and ended up finding products to love! These soaps sound lovely (I especially like the sound of the one with the french gray salt) but I have my eye on that Coconut Rose bath bomb!

    1. Yes, L, you gotta try the Coconut Rose bath bomb!! I am up to my ears in soaps right now, but once my stash gets a bit smaller I will order more and stock up on bath bombs!! XOXO ~T

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