My faves from Osmia Organics

As many beautiful ideas often are, Osmia Organics was born out of a challenging time for its founder, Sarah Villafranco. She explains on her website that after her mother passed away she felt the need to scale back her hours as an Emergency Department physician to explore other areas of her life (like soap making) and to spend more time with her family. Encouragement from a friend who was also starting a company, provided additional inspiration to help Sarah take the leap and establish Osmia as her career. Sarah views her new path as an evolution of her medical career as she states, “I am practicing broader medicine now – helping people choose natural and organic skin care products, encouraging them to nourish themselves physically and spiritually, and detoxifying their medicine cabinets all the while.”

Sarah created Osmia’s skincare with a “less is more approach” in large part to help alleviate her symptoms of perioral dermatitis (PD). I’m so glad she did as not only have I enjoyed her creations, but my son has benefitted as well since he too had PD, but not since using the Osmia regimen.

Now that you know a little bit more about Sarah, let’s dive into the products that are my favorites!

1. My first pick also happens to be Osmia’s soon to be released Nectar Vital Rose Drops. You can see from the picture that this is a golden serum made with argan, rosehip, pumpkin seed and prickly pear seed oils. Since prickly pear seed oil was big on the scene in 2015, you’ve probably already heard of its amazing benefits, but let’s review. It is rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 and vitamin e (anti oxidants) as well as amino acids (stimulates collagen) and finally, vitamin k (helps minimize dark circles and spider veins). By itself, Nectar is a beautiful serum that I use at night, and I find its powdery rose scent utterly relaxing. During the day, I add a few drops to Osmia’s Purely Simple Face Cream which is a bit too lightweight for me on its own. (It must be said that it’s perfect all by itself for my son’s skin). The addition of a few drops of Nectar gives the Purely Simple Face Cream a boost of hydration, and the rose otto smells heavenly when met with the lavender scent of the cream.

2. Next up is the soap that saved the day for my son. Even though Osmia’s Black Facial Soap is made for those with combination/oily skin as well as those with PD, I have found it to be more than suitable for my dry skin. It’s made with organic avocado and almond oils which make it very gentle, and the silky lather comes from coconut milk. I love using this at night if I’m feeling grimy from the day as it cleanses thoroughly while also taking very good care of my skin. This is now a staple in my household. (Please see this link for more detailed information on their Black Facial Soap)

3. This beautiful bar of soap is Osmia’s Dirty Chai, which was a special release this past winter. I appealed to Sarah on instagram a while back, asking her to make more and she said that she had just produced a batch. I don’t see it on the website yet, but there are plenty of others to lure you. (Vetiver Grey anyone??) I won’t entice you too much, but suffice to say Dirty Chai is a creamy, spicy, and resinous soap that lathers like nobody’s business. Get it if you can.

4. And lastly we have my precious, Osmia’s Sandalwood Body Mousse. I included this in my Winter Hand Rescue post, but will use this year round! As I mentioned in that review, the sandalwood scent is perfection. “Not too strong, super relaxing and has a buttery scent that is harmonious with the skin nourishing purpose of the mousse.” The nourishment comes from whipped up shea butter and babassu oil and feels dreamy on the skin. It does take 10-15 minutes for this to soak in, so I don’t recommend slathering this on your body and then attempting to get into your skinny jeans and favorite silk blouse. I prefer to use it at night, after a bath, when I’m ready to jump into bed.

If you are new to Osmia, these four products are a great place to start in discovering this all natural and organic line. If you are already an Osmia fan, what products do you love? Let me know!

Disclosure: PR samples of Nectar Vital Rose Drops were sent to me by Osmia Organics. All other products reviewed in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are mine.

2 thoughts on “My faves from Osmia Organics

    1. Osmia’s black soap is just amazing. And I think the fact that it’s a bar soap makes it appealing to teenage boys and husbands! I really hope Sarah makes her Dirty Chai available soon, it’s heavenly. I also have her mint one from the holidays but haven’t used it yet, but once that’s gone I might need to get the Vetiver Grey!

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