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Suzinn Weiss is a fellow Portlander, and I am so excited to have finally experienced her perfumes and body oils that are inspired by the rich and fragrant gardens of the Pacific Northwest. Suzinn is a fine artist and garden designer whose work led her to natural perfumery.  She uses tinctures of leaves and petals from her own garden as well as fine essences from around the world. Additionally, Suzinn does not use any synthetics and her entire line is cruelty-free. I have enjoyed playing with all of her fragrances over the past month, and highly recommend looking into her sample packs if you have an interest in exploring all natural perfumes. My one challenge was to try to pick a favorite, which I simply cannot do! But I have managed to narrow it down to two of her fragrances that are particularly compelling.

BD bottles

If incense inspired perfumes call to you, then Magadi Road is a Blooming Dream selection you need to try. It pays homage to Nag Champa incense and is strikingly similar to that famous scent, but smoother and more floral. While the opening does feature a nag champa-esque note, the heart is where you’ll find plenty of flowers. Magnolia, ylang ylang and frangipani (plumeria) are listed on the website, but I’m hard pressed to single out any one note.  These lovely flowers meld into one with a milky and spicy vanilla. There are other notes like sandalwood, saffron, and matcha, but like the floral essences, these too have been seamlessly blended resulting in a deliciously resinous drydown.

Drunken Flowers was my other favorite, and no surprise, it’s another spicy floral. This one is bursting with jasmine and blood orange with a smidge of lavender and cardamom to lend an herbaceous and spicy touch. I was not able to single out the philadelphus that is listed, but I am well acquainted with its amazing scent as we have one in our backyard. It smells strikingly like orange blossoms, and enhances the juiciness of the blood orange and the indolic leanings of the jasmine. I would be remiss in not mentioning the part cognac plays in this perfume. After all, it is Drunken Flowers right? I am definitely not a cognac connoisseur, but what I pick up in this perfume is a little buttery, slightly boozy, and utterly swoon-worthy!

BD oils

I am also very taken with Blooming Dreams’ Body Oils, as they are lightweight and smell amazing. They are made with fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, Abyssinian oil, red raspberry seed oil, and camellia oil, all wonderful for hydration and quick absorption. My top picks are Warm Heart which features olibanum wood (frankincense), cypress, and ginger, and White Smoke which is scented with three types of frankincense, green vetiver, jasmine, white pepper, green mandarin, and cardamom. Both Warm Heart and White Smoke are resinous and spicy, but Warm Heart is accentuated with green pine and Warm Smoke is highlighted with the grassy note of vetiver and citrus of green mandarin. Like the perfumes, all of the Blooming Dream body oils are wonderful, and I would not hesitate in recommending this whole line to any scent lover.

Blooming Dream is available at as well as Bergamot Beauty.

EDP Pricing: 30ml  $95
15ml  $55
2ml sample sprays $8 ea.
Sample sets: Your choice of 5 2ml sprays $35 or 8 2ml sprays $54

Body Oils are $38 for 4oz bottle.

Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for consideration by Blooming Dream,  but I purchased the Drunken Flowers myself. 




12 thoughts on “Blooming Dream Natural Fragrances

  1. I have a hard time with incense, it rarely works on my skin, but the rest of the notes in Mogadi Road look nice so maybe… And Drunken Flowers sounds really lovely! I love a good boozy note and booze + floral notes sounds interesting! 🙂 How is the longevity of these? I have become a bit picky about longevity in naturals since I found natural scents that actually last 12 hours or more on me…

    1. I would say these are along the lines of 6-8 hours. I usually apply over lotion to make them last longer. What natural scents do you have that last for 12+ hours?

      1. That sound like OK longevity.

        Tropic of Capricorn by Olympic Orchids lasts for just about 12 hours. And then there is Slumberhouse Norne which I think is all natural too and that lasts way more than 12 hours on me, though I have a slightly older version than what is for sale now. Tempted Muse by April Aromatics has splendid longevity too, as do DSH Cimabue and Vanilla Bourbon. Those are the ones I can think of right now…

          1. Thank you! 🙂 Tropic of Capricorn is especially sublime, I cannot recommend it enough!

            All too often natural perfumes have a sublime floral heart but not much in the base… Though I suppose that if you want to make a sublime floral perfume then the base notes might disturb that impression. Still, I won’t buy a perfume if it dies after just an hour or three… Or dries down to some extremely subtle generic vanilla/resin base. So yeah, perfumers of the world, don’t skimp on the base notes!!

  2. Hi! Heaven knows where I’ve been all this time, but I’m so glad to have found your blog. I have a lot to catch up on, and I’m really looking forward to it. I just ordered samples of all the Blooming Dream perfume sprays, and the White Smoke body oil as well. Suzinn contacted me to offer a roll-on sample, and I hadn’t even looked at those as I assumed they were the same fragrances, only in a different formula. I also let her know that I discovered Blooming Dream here on Scent Hive.

    I’m interested in natural beauty/skin care as well, and just like any other branch of the beauty industry it has become nigh to impossible to discern what really works versus what is simply hype. I’m glad that there is more available, but the volume is rather overwhelming! So, I’m truly grateful that you are here.

    1. Holly, I am so glad you found me too! Thanks for the lovely comment, and I am so happy you are going to check out Blooming Dream! Please let me know what you think. And I hear you, finding green beauty products to love can be overwhelming, but there are truly so many great things to discover, and I hope Scent Hive helps! XOXO ~Trish

  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the nice comments and orders!
    I’m also thankful for Scent Hive’s thoughtful research and posts on natural beauty products and perfume. I discovered some wonderful brands here.
    Big Love to All

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