Acorelle Perfumes. Organic and French, mais oui!

Acorelle is a French company that creates Ecocert certified perfumes whose ingredients are 100% natural and at least 90% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Philippe Collet, the brand’s exclusive perfumer is a nose at a Grasse perfumery and Patty Canac is an expert in smells and studies how essential oils can affect people’s moods. Together they have created a wide range of fragrances to suit many different moods and tastes. Please see my YouTube channel for the full, detailed review as Acorelle is very much worth your time and reasonably priced ($15 for 10ml roll-on and $55 for 50ml bottle). Also, read on for perfume notes and photos!

Acorelle 2

Vanilla Blossom Comforting
HEAD NOTES: mimosa
HEART NOTES: Peru balsam
BASE NOTES: vanilla, patchouli

Acorelle Patch

Pure Patchouli Fullfilling
HEAD NOTES: myrrh, labdanum
HEART NOTES: opoponax, clary sage
BASE NOTES: patchouli, vanilla, amber, vetiver

Acorelle in Box

Divine Orchid Anti-Stress
HEAD NOTES: cardamom, pear blossom
HEART NOTES: iris Florentina, hawthorn
BASE NOTES: patchouli, vanilla, raspberry

Citrus Infusion Soothing
HEAD NOTES: citron, mint, blackcurrant, lily of the valley
HEART NOTES: citrus, orange blossom, rose, jasmine
BASE NOTES: sage, cedar

Lotus Dream Relaxing
HEAD NOTES: citron, bergamot, mint leaves
HEART NOTES: tea, iris, lavender
BASE NOTES: patchouli, leather, cedar

Calm Perfume Set shown above is available at Ecco Verde.

Acorelle Group

Please let me know if you have tried this line, and if you have any favorites! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to watch my YouTube review for a lot more info!

Additionally, there is a Discovery Set ($20) available that has samples of Tea Garden, Land of Cedar, Citrus Infusion, Silky Rose, Absolu Tiare, Vanilla Blossom, Divine Orchid, Lotus Dream and Pure Patchouli.

9 thoughts on “Acorelle Perfumes. Organic and French, mais oui!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you find that Acorelle set! If you do, come on beck and let me know your thoughts. As I said in the video, they are transparent but lively and very pretty. I hope you find one that suits your tastes 🙂

  1. I agree with Neil, you are very appealing! I’m really enjoying the videos.
    These sound nice, and I think I would have the same reserves you have expressed regarding cumin. I’m also not a fan of berry notes, and raspberry in particular. I’ve never heard of these, so thank you for your reviews!

    1. Hi Holly! I’m glad I was appealing because I felt like I was having a terrible hair day when I filmed this review!! ;-/

      Anyway, if you really don’t like berry in your perfume, Divine Orchid might not be the best one. Maybe Citrus Infusion if you like neroli? It’s a very well done neroli soliflore with hints of wood.

      1. Since I’ve recently come around to vanilla, it’s quite possible that a touch of berry wouldn’t bother me. Worth a shot, I think. Neroli is my absolute favorite, sunshine and happiness in a bottle. I definitely couldn’t go wrong with Citrus Infusion! 🙂

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