Essaouira. Kahina’s newest perfume.

I have been on a rose geranium binge as of late, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. It embodies so many scent profiles, that it seems to suit a myriad of moods. It has a rosy floral note as the plant’s name suggests, and it also sparkles like lemon and comforts with an herbaceous backdrop. This leads me to Kahina’s sophomore perfume release, Essaouira, which has a glorious rose geranium as its focal point. If you are familiar with Kahina, you might know that this philanthropic company is steeped in Moroccan culture so this perfume is aptly named Essaouira, a temperate village on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Although I have never been to this free-spirited and whitewashed destination, Kahina’s latest all natural fragrance inspires a longing to make that trip.

Essa Kahina rollerball

Kahina’s perfume debut was Fez, and I have been wearing it all winter. Fez is cozy and snuggles you with orange blossoms and clove as they wrap you up in a deliciously floral, yet spicy warmth. Essaouira stands as the counterpart to Fez, as its rose geranium is that of a wild swath of blossoms that emit a zesty fragrance, calling you to bask in the sun. Lavender also beckons that call as does petitgrain, the essential oil that is steam distilled from the twigs and leaves of the bitter orange tree. Petitgrain is citrusy for sure, but it’s very different from neroli, the essential oil from orange blossoms. Petitgrain is sharper and woody, which is subdued by a basenote of sandalwood in the Essaouira blend.

Although these other notes are present in Essaouira, it truly is the rose geranium that radiates most brightly. Lavender, petitgrain, and sandalwood each have their own role in supporting the aforementioned qualities of rose geranium. They meld together to provide an uplifting and relaxing aromatic experience, just like an escape to the ocean. Or more specifically, to the Moroccan city of Essaouira.


Essaouira is available at Potion, $78 for 15ml perfume oil roll-on. Please note the stainless steel roller-ball in the above photo. Not a beat was missed in creating the Kahina perfume line.

Disclosure: Essaouira was sent to me by Kahina Giving Beauty. All opinions are my own. Post contains links to Potion that I am affiliated with. 

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