Acure Roundup + Review

I’ve been using many Acure products over the years, but in these last few months I’ve expanded my Acure arsenal and decided to share them in a YouTube review.

I would love it if you watched my review, but here’s a preview of my roundup.


My new favorite shampoo and conditioner. The Leave-In Spray is an oldie but a goodie. My kids love it.

Acure 1

Found: Best shave gel and spray SPF. Watch the video for details, and why I didn’t love the Lip Plush.

Acure 3

You’ll have to watch the video for my full review, but suffice to say, Acure makes terrific skincare!

7 thoughts on “Acure Roundup + Review

  1. Thanks for the reviews! You look great, and good job with the video!
    The Acure product I’m most interested in (at the moment) is the sunscreen. I truly hate the feel of sunscreen on my face in particular – the only word I can use to describe my experience with it is “smothering.” Did you use the Acure on your face as well? If so, does it work well under makeup? I’ve read some good reviews about the Drunk Elephant Sheer Physical Defense, but looking at the aspirational pricing for their marula oil makes me wonder about their pricing in general. Speaking of marula oil, once I run out of my current marula, I’ll definitely get the Acure, and ditto on the shampoo and conditioner.

    1. Thanks for watching the review Holly! I did not use the Acure on my face, but I know what you mean! Right now I am using Suntegrity’s moisturizer/primer for my face and so far so good! I’m a little skeptical too of Drunk Elephant, I’ve read the ingredient lists of a few of their products and they don’t look so clean 😦

      1. Thanks! I’ll try the Suntegrity for my face, then.
        I honestly had not looked at the ingredients list for the Drunk Elephant products until now. Oh dear! Well, heaven knows I need to be a little more diligent and skeptical myself and do the research. Apparently I have yet again succumbed to marketing and hype. Sigh …

        Finding you has been so incredibly wonderful for me, and I truly appreciate all that you’re doing. Your reviews and videos are fun and informative and I sincerely thank you for putting in the time and effort.

        1. Thank you so much for the kind words Holly! It makes me so happy that you find Scent Hive helpful 🙂

          And yes, it so easy to assume something looks green, only to find out that it’s not. It still happens to me too!

          Let me know what you think of the Suntegrity. They might have samples of it on their website. I know you can get samples of their new 30 SPF lipstick!

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