Ritual by Age of Earth Collective

It is me, or is palo santo the new oud? I feel like I am seeing it everywhere, and I must say, I like it. And I especially like it in Age of Earth’s all natural perfume offering, Ritual. I discovered this local company at a pop-up hosted by Shop People here in Portland, and was able to test the full line of Age of Earth’s perfumes and incense. Roxanne, the creator of these beautifully scented products, was a pleasure to chat with, and informed me that while her perfumes are very high in natural essences, Ritual is the only one that is 100% all natural. I delved into all of her perfumes with an open mind, but ultimately it was Ritual that pulled me into its tranquil realm.

Ritual 4

Palo Santo, or sacred wood, is the principal note of Ritual and is known for its ability to slow the overactive mind and elevate the spirit. When you breathe in its mix of buttery lemon, and piney mint it truly calms the senses and helps you feel a little more serene in the midst of a hectic day. Because palo santo can take on a slightly medicinal-camphoresque note, the presence of rosewood which is floral and woody helps tempers that aspect, making Ritual rounder and smoother. Sage and vetiver are noted in the perfume’s description, yet I am unable to individually parse those out. However, I’m certain their presence helps to amplify the sacred, herbaceous nature that runs throughout the experience of Ritual.

Ritual 1

Fittingly, the bottle looks and feels like an amulet, adding to the ceremonial feeling of anointing yourself with this precious oil. Reapplication throughout the day is necessary since its longevity is about three hours. This is within the norm for  natural perfume and something I do not mind. In fact, I enjoy reapplying Ritual frequently as it reminds me to breathe and slow down.

If you’re like me, and you have found yourself drawn to palo santo lately, please consider trying Ritual. It feels like the epitome of a self-care perfume, and is very reasonably priced at $45 (15ml). If you’ve been on the hunt for a high quality all natural fragrance, you know this is a great deal. Let me know if you do give it a try, or what other palo santo fragrances you love!


Disclosure: Ritual was bought by me, but I was given a “blogger discount”. All opinions are my own.

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