April 2016 Boxwalla Unboxing! Beauty + Food

There are so many goodies to discover in another fabulous Boxwalla Beauty Box. I have discovered a new favorite mask from Garden of Wisdom, and a few other treats (both beauty and edible) so please check out the video for the full review! I hope you enjoy. XO ~Trish

2 thoughts on “April 2016 Boxwalla Unboxing! Beauty + Food

  1. Thanks for another great video, Trish! I’m going to give Boxwalla a try. Both the beauty and the food boxes you got look great, and it seems like they’ve been consistently working for you.

    I’m glad you discovered GoW – I’ve bought many things from them and I think they’re really nice. I appreciate that I can buy samples and small quantities of raw ingredients, oils and butters to mix up my own stuff.

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