Favorites From Summer. The Extended Version.

Here’s the video version of my summertime green beauty faves. View on to find out what else I have been using and loving these hot summer months, and what will be seeing me into the fall.

5 thoughts on “Favorites From Summer. The Extended Version.

  1. Hi Trish! Since I switched emails, I lost touch with you and your blog. Happy to discover the videos and to see what you’ve been loving. Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but what shade do you use in the Suntegrity TM? I know we are the same MAC shade, and I also use and love the Jane Iredale pressed base in Golden Glow! Do you ever wear them together? I’ve been looking for a good green mascara that conditions my lashes, so might try the KW one.

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for catching that! I should have mentioned that I wear Golden Light in the Suntegrity and it’s a really good color match for NC30. I haven’t worn them together, but if you want to make the Suntegrity a bit more full coverage, you could easily wear the JI over top.

      I’m so glad you’ve reconnected with Scent Hive and I look forward to hearing more from you! 🙂 XOXO ~T

  2. Hi Trish – so nice to see you again! I’ve followed up on a bunch of things you’ve recommended here and am really happy. Acure Volumizing Shampoo, Blooming Dream perfumes and oils and the entire Suntegrity line come to mind as I use them consistently. I have most likely forgotten a bunch but I hope I’ve previously commented! I’m also getting along really well with the Josh Rosebrook spf stuff and his hair care has been a game changer for me. I know they didn’t work for you, but I’m so glad you mentioned them.

    I’m wondering if you could comment about the different prickly pear seed oils that you’ve mentioned. I know you’re also a fan of La Bella Figura, so I’m hoping that you can clarify the differences and why these may be a better purchase than other less expensive green options available.

    1. Thanks so much for your support of Scent Hive Holly, I really appreciate it! Isn’t the Acure Volumizing Shampoo the best? So affordable and it works so well! I’m so curious what Blooming Dream scent you chose, I think Suzinn’s line should get more raves in the green beauty community. Her perfumes are so lovely.

      As far as La Bella Figura, I am not that familiar with their line. I only have one of their products, the Barbary Fig Renewal Serum (barbary fig seed oil is the same thing as prickly pear seed oil, but you might already know that) and I do really like it, but it is very expensive as I do think prickly pear seed oil is very costly. I’m not sure I like it any better than a Laurel WPO serum which is half the price, and I’ve been really satisfied concentrating PPS oil under my eyes with the Kahina rollerball. The other two products from LBF that I have tried are the creams and I was very underwhelmed by those. I did not like the scent first off, and also did not find them moisturizing enough.

      As far as price goes, I will admit to being a bit of a snob in terms of wanting that high end, green beauty experience for the majority of my products (esp for skincare), so I don’t mind paying for that. But of course I want high quality organic or wildcrafted botanicals inside! I think brands like Kahina and Laurel strike a nice balance in terms of skincare, but if I’m going to pay LBF prices, I need to be really blown away by the whole experience! I’m happy to have the serum from LBF, but I don’t think I will repurchase it.

      Does that makes sense? Let me know if you have any other questions 😉

      1. You’re welcome!
        Thank you for the reply, and it absolutely makes sense! I was interested in the LBF renewal serum, but it is so expensive and I’ve invested in some other stuff that hasn’t done a thing for me (eek!) and therefore I’ve held off. I’ve been wanting to try something with prickly pear seed oil, so I’m thrilled that you’ve mentioned these options.

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